Friday, 19 January 2018

A Leap of Faith

I’m hoping to blog more this year. Considering I only blogged 3 times last year, shouldn’t be all that difficult to beat that number.

In just over a week, G, Riley and I are going on a cruise with 3 other couples to celebrate some upcoming 60th birthdays. No…not mine. 😒

This will be Riley World’s third cruise. After our trip home from the last cruise...we did not want to relive the trauma and were able to book direct; non-stop flights both ways. 

A few things about cruising:
  • Did you know they do not like you to cook in your stateroom? 
  • Did you know that if you take any cooking apparatus (ie hot pots) on board they could get confiscated until the end of the trip?
  • Did you know that their screening for said pots is not 100% accurate?  How do I know this?? Two years ago, being the seasoned autism parent, I packed 2 hot pots in 2 separate suitcases. Long story but one made it through, the other did not. If only I could remember which one made it through.  

This time, we are cruising with Royal Caribbean: the first autism friendly cruise line. While we have had nothing but positive experiences in the past, I am curious to see what other types of accommodations there might be since previously, staff/crew have always gone above and beyond. Well…except for the cooking in the stateroom part. Trust me, I understand why you’re not supposed to. Really. I get it. But still…  😉

A couple of months ago as I was researching our ship, I noticed they had a Japanese restaurant on board that served udon. That's right...UDON!  Riley eats udon!!  Riley LOVES udon!!!  I may not be able to cook his noodles in our room but we could go eat his “udon with no seasoning” multiple times a day!!  

Here’s where the Leap of Faith comes in.

After many inquiries and reassurances that the crew will do their best to accommodate R’s ummmmm dietary needs…I have decided *gulp* not to pack a hot pot for the FIRST TIME EVER! *gasp* 

We are going to eat all our meals outside of our stateroom. *starts to feel short of breath* 

We can DO THIS right???  RIGHT????  *begins coping strategies* 

I…I…I’m okay with eating Japanese multiple times a day for 7 days.

Sure am glad we bought the “beverage package”.