Saturday, 22 November 2014

Back to Blogging....

I had been struggling. What to blog. So I just didn’t.

My last 2 posts were memes. That was almost 8 months ago.

I was at a cross roads. After Riley finished high school over a year ago, I decided “we” needed to take a gap year. Am I regretting that? Absolutely not! I think both Riley and I needed this past year to regroup, re-energize and get ready to take on the next phase.


Sounds scary doesn’t it.

When Riley was in school there was a plan. A direction of sorts. Even though there was some uncertainty…there was a plan. A schedule if you will. From September through June, Riley would be in school. Developing, learning, and socializing.

For 14 years (Riley repeated Kindergarten) we had a plan. Even though I could only look ahead a year at a time…there was a plan. For 14 years.

And then… 

We had no plan. 


I found the above half-written post in my drafts folder along with a link to this OMG-THIS-IS-US!!! article “Loosening the Ties that Bind: Growing Up with Autism” by Liane Kupferberg Carter.

Her last paragraph sums it up perfectly “But we must. And we will figure out what comes next. We will do this just as we have done everything else these past twenty years. Pulling together as a family.”

Thanks Liane! I think I am ready again to hit the ground running  jogging slowly  okay…perhaps just walking.

I think I am ready to take on this adulthood thing with some renewed energy.

I am ready.