Menopausal mom to 2 young adult sons (one with ASD, ADHD, tic/seizure disorders and the other with attitude).

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Zumba & Me

Yesterday afternoon I went to another Zumba class with a girlfriend. OK. So it was only my second class in about ummm 3 years. In case you are not aware of all the hype around Zumba you can watch this YouTube video:

Yup. This video is what Zumba is all about…or at least that is what “THEY” want you to believe. Did you watch at least the first 30 seconds?  Buff bodacious bodies…on the beach…in a disco (or wherever people Zumba). 

I call  BULL SH*T!!!

Of course I will elaborate.

It all started the other day on Facebook with this picture on a friend’s wall. Of course I had to make some snarky comment and the next thing you know I was going.

We got to the gym and were waiting for the class to start. You know that feeling like you have met someone before? Well guess what? The instructor…her son and Riley went to Gymboree together. I know! Over 15 years later and our paths cross at a Zumba class of all places. 15 years later and she is still looking svelte, in amazing shape, perky as all heck and I…well…am…well…not…any. of. those. things. What the hell was I thinking introducing myself!?!? 

Now I like to think of myself as somewhat coordinated. After all I took tap dancing and baton as a kid, played musical instruments in elementary school, and even played sports in high school. So makes sense right???

Well according to G…not so much. Back when we were still all googly-eyed over each other (yes we actually once were) and practicing our “first dance” for our wedding, I remember the words “two left feet” and “dragging around a sack of potatoes” coming out of my soon-to-be husband’s mouth. What the hell was I thinking?!?!?  Baaahaaahaaa.

So in we went. The room had mirrors plastered all over one ENTIRE wall! We were facing THAT wall. THAT wall was NOT my friend. AT ALL! Those mirrors?  I am positive they bought them from going out of business Fun Houses because there is no way my leg was only going a (as in one) foot off the ground. It was at least up to my shoulders if not the top of my head!!!

Then came the combination salsa/samba/Bollywood and belly dance moves. Let me just say the “magnificent middle” body that I have acquired and Zumba will never be friends. This body is not made for gyrating hips, Gangnam-style galloping or graceful chasseing back and forth. I consider myself extremely lucky I did not trip over my two left feet or knock myself out with my flailing arms.

My fingers are starting to seize up and before I end up having to crawl to bed I will stop here. Believe it or not I will be going back. That is why they make you pay in advance.  Haha! 

Oh and just so you know...this is a more realistic picture of the Zumba class I went to. 

Sunday, 17 February 2013

10 "Tiny" Things of Joy...
#Monday Listicles

This week’s Listicles topic “10 Tiny Things that Bring You Joy” was suggested by Wendy who blogs over at Stamping Rules. Hmmmm…JOY.

Well I suppose this could be any number of things. For me I am going to go with the little things in life that make me feel like this…

Keep in mind that as I have aged the things that bring me joy NOW would NEVER had made my list 30, 20, or even 10 years ago.

1.      You are probably getting sick of seeing this one but what can I fan. She is my BEST friend and this is why.

2.      I have always loved miniature thing so I am sure these “tiny” items come as no surprise to have made my list.

3.      Keeping with the miniature theme...I have always been a mouth breather when I sleep so suffer from chapped lips. Vaseline is a staple. Is this not THE cutest miniature you have EVER seen!

4.      My Nintendo DS. A birthday present from my sister about 5 years ago…give or take?!?  I guess her kids got tired of me hogging theirs when we visited. 

5.      Bath & Body Works Wallflowers. When you have teenage boys these are a necessity. Trust me. My favourite scent is Fresh Linen. Ahhhhhh… 

6.      When J2 started preschool R and I would walk to the local Starbucks everyday. Riley was actually in-training. Those were the days before Siri and with R's eagle eyes I needed him to be able to spot a Starbucks (aka “Mommy’s coffee store) when we were travelling.

7.      I could never get the hang of flossing. I even admitted to my hygienist that I would only floss the 3 days before an appointment. What.EVER! My last visit she introduced me to these Soft-picks. Heaven.

8.      Lypsyl. See list item #3. I have multiple tubes which keep company with the multiple pairs of readers I have all over the house.

Of course to complete my list 9 and 10 are my boys who although not “tiny” anymore still drive me crazy bring me more joy than I could have ever possibly imagined. Ooops…sorry G. Ran out of room. *wink*  

Riley - Age 12
J2's High school Grad

So there you have it. For some reason this song came to mind. Three Dog Night was the first live concert I ever attended. Who else remembers this song???

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Heart Day!

You have probably heard the saying “Fool me once…shame on you; fool me twice…shame on me.” Well let me just say there have been many times in the past that “shame on me” has applied but not this year! No sirreee. 

After last year’s Valentine’s Day little mix up, I was on it this year! Yup. I made a list for Riley AND emailed his LC teacher and SEA yesterday to give them a heads up. Hopefully you won’t be reading anything more about this tomorrow. Well...even if there was something...fool me thrice?!?   Uhhhh...nevermind.  

Treats for the "Ladies" in Riley World

Monday, 11 February 2013

What If???

Two little words in Riley World that have so much more attached to them. 





Two little words I must have said a hundred gazillion times back in the early years. (OK. Slight exaggeration probably only a couple million times.)   

What if we had started therapy earlier?

What if we had done more therapy?

What if we had tried ‘X’ therapy?

What if…

Two little words that would send me running full speed ahead into my cave. 

Two little words that were always there in the back of my mind. 

Yet why if it caused me so much stress, guilt, anxiety and self-doubt did I keep asking myself “what if”???

I wanted Riley to be successful.

I wanted Riley to be happy.

I wanted Riley to be the best that he could be.

So what was the difference in Riley World?  What parent doesn't want that for their child. Right?  For us the difference was that our choices could make the difference for Riley.

The difference between being able to be communicate or not communicate.

The difference between being able to attend school or not attend school.

The difference between being able to manage behaviours or risk self-injurious behaviours.

Some of these differences (along with others) continue to be a work in progress.

There was such a huge unknown and it was too overwhelming for me to look 5-10 years down the road into Riley World so instead I could not help but look back and wonder "what if".

Now it has been almost 14 years since Riley’s diagnosis. Knowing that nothing will change what we did or did not do, do I still ask myself “what if?”  You bet I do!  Only now it is not a hundred times a day. 

So what is the difference now? I am almost 14 years older. Eeep. When did THAT happen?!? What we were working towards with Riley is here. Sure I still occasionally ask myself “what if”. Only now the two little words I find myself asking more often are “what will” as in what will happen when we are no longer here.


You better believe it. (This is where I would usually run off to my cave.) Only now I have to force myself to stay put and deal with my stress, guilt, anxiety and self-doubt.

I am not nearly as prepared as others.

I am not nearly as prepared as I should be.

I am doing the best that I can and hopefully that will be enough going forward because Riley is done looking back. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

"Crap" In My Purse
#Monday Listicles

I had been trying to limit my time on twitter and FB this past week. Pfffftt. Last time I do THAT! I was so distraught to find out that Stasha was already on her way home from a surprise birthday present that I could barely concentrate on this week’s Listicles topic "10 Things in my Purse" from Ducky at Bat Crap Crazy. Stasha’s wonderful husband gave her a trip to my most favourite place in the whole wide world…yup Vega$ baby!!! 

After I calmed down, I regrouped and focused on my purse and its contents. As I looked over my list I realized that I must have somehow switched purses with my mother. Surely someone as hip as me would have more exciting things. Right???  Nevermind. 

1.      My BEST Friend:  Although not quite as inseparable as we were before I don’t leave home without her.

2.      Hand Sanitizer:  From my favourite body/skin care products store "Bath & Body Works". You never know when a person might need to ummmm…sanitize.

3.      Lip products:  The one on the left is when I go out in something other than my yoga pants; the one in the middle is a necessity during the winter months; and the one on the right is a backup.

4.      Kleenex:  Not only do I have loose Kleenex...I even have one of those Kleenex packets. A sure sign this had to be my mother's purse.

5.      Pens:  I found 3. None of them worked.

6.      Benadryl:  About 10 years ago I started having severe allergic reactions to wait for it…exercise. I kid you not. These look like they have been in there just as long.

7.      Epipen:  I got to ride in an ambulance more than a couple of times before/after getting myself one of these. Have not had any reactions in over 7 years now and have become a little lax (although I still carry one) as evidenced by the expiry date on the one in my purse.  

8.      Glasses:  Another sign of the times…readers. *sigh*

9.      Breath freshener:  I am a chronic clencher. Chewing gum helps me and comes in handy when out for coffee. Or…is it just me who hates that aftertaste???

10.  Wallets:  Yup…I carry two. With every store having their own loyalty cards/programs and various gift cards from special occasions…need I say more?

If you looked in your purse…what would you find that would surprise you???