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Sunday, 23 October 2011

What Do YOU See???

Do you see a donkey or seal or both???
Now I’m sure at one time or another we’ve all experienced the looks from strangers that have made us feel so inadequate as a parent that we felt like crawling under the proverbial rock.  I remember being at a shopping mall with my mom when the boys were probably only about 2 and 3 at the time. 

In one particular store they had a train that went around a track just below the ceiling.  Perfect!  Both boys LOVED trains.  We watched and watched and watched.  Not quite the “experienced” parent that I am today (tee hee)…without any warning I announce in my most sing-song motherly voice “Time to go” as I proceed to walk out of the store.  I can hear you gasp in horror about now. 

One of the boys wandered out of the store, the other immediately threw himself on the floor at the entrance to the store flailing around like a fish out of water while exercising his vocal chords in hopes that anybody within a 1 mile radius would come and rescue him.  My mother calmly took my other son to wait at a nearby bench.  At this point I am wishing I was a wrestler in a previous life.  After somehow managing to scoop up this octopus of a child without either of us getting seriously injured, I work my way over to my mother.  I felt and looked like I had just gotten out of a steam bath.  Sitting behind my mother was a grandmotherly looking woman.  I know I shouldn’t stereotype just because she had grey hair and a cane…but I did.  Just as I got there, she turned around and said “What he needs is a good smack!”  Are you gasping again???  Now I do not like conflict, have never been good at thinking on my feet and will do just about anything to avoid a confrontation.  This time was no different.  *Sigh*  Thinking back I could’ve and should’ve explained my son’s behaviour with the hope of bringing her some awareness of autism.  Unfortunately at that specific time, we did not know Riley had autism and it was J2 who was sprawled all over the floor.  Oish. 

Things aren't always what they seem.  

Think about it…D

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