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Friday, 4 January 2013

A Trial Separation

You may have noticed that it has been somewhat quiet here in Riley World since the holiday break. Before I go any further it is not what you think. I did, however, make a conscious decision to take a much needed social media break over the holidays. I will admit I did not go cold turkey.

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What started as a blog turned into Twitter, then Facebook and most recently Pinterest. I should know better. I have a tendency to get obsessed and one of the reasons why I have not gone the route of an iPhone…yet. 

Drats…I should have taken a picture of that!

I wonder what’s happening with e-friend-A…did she go with the red or blue one?

No I don’t have time to talk right now I need to make a status update/tweet/blog/pin something…it’s been over an hour!

These feelings reminded me of how I felt when I started out in Riley World…overwhelmed! Not to make light of the many, MANY differences between Riley World and Social Media World; yet the terminology, acronyms, political correctness…same game only the names have been changed.

I am sure this has something to do with aging. I used to be a pretty good multi-tasker if I might say so myself. I could type a letter with carbon copies, file, and fax with the best of them.

Yet at this stage in my life my skill set has pretty much reached its max. Not to worry I have not given up and will continue to plug away at my own pace and try not to let my FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) get the better of me.

Trust me; I make no resolutions as that, more than likely, will be a guarantee of failure for me. Instead I hope you will come back on Monday for this week’s Listicles topic as chosen by my pal Stasha “10 Things I have NO Intention of Changing in 2013”. It is sure to be a good one. 

Have a great weekend!  


  1. Hey I love your new header and design! Go you! Maybe it's old news and I just noticed but it's awesome ;)

    1. have a keen eye! I just changed the header pic the other day. Thanks for noticing Stacie and Happy New Year to you and yours!

      I've missed a couple of Monday Listicles too so am ramping up for this week's topic. See ya there! D

  2. OMG Typing with carbon copy.. PAIN IN THE BUTT!!! ;)

    1. AND don't forget the different colours of "onion skin" paper!!! Haahaa!

  3. You have reaffirmed my decision to not even try twitter or pinterest. The blog alone has shown me that I tend to get a bit obsessed with such things.
    Glad to see you back in the listicle fun, though!

    1. are probably waaaay more technically-savvy than I am.

      Glad to be back at the listicles game. Missed it these past couple of weeks. Happy New Year to you and yours! D