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Sunday, 2 June 2013

It's June...again!!!

The start of a new month in Riley World means we get a review of the upcoming month’s special occasions on a minute by minute basis until said special occasions are finished.

Last June the ditty went like this:

“It’s Father’s Day and my birthday in June. I can open my presents. I want to go to Daimasu* for my birthday. Who am I going to invite? I’m going to invite grandma, Uncle Stoo, Auntie Sharon, Sara and Scotty. What am I going to open? I’m going to open my presents.” 

a Japanese restaurant

There has been a slight change to the mantra this year.
  • He has added an additional “WH” question. Always a positive in Riley World.
  • He has been busy writing and rewriting his birthday list. Development of fine motor skills..check! 

  •  AND he has wanted to interact with us as opposed to just scripting. Lucky for us?? Ummm…not so much especially after the hundredth time.

R:         It’s June!  (in his excited voice)
            Father’s Day is in June. It’s my birthday in June.  (pause…waiting for response)
Me:       Yes. Father’s Day and your birthday are in June.
R:         Are you going to surprise me???  What are you going to surprise me with?
Me:       I don't know. What am I going to surprise you with?
R:         DVD’s. You're going to surprise with...he then proceeds to list off all the DVD’s on his birthday list!

Nothing like a "Surprise" in Riley World!


  1. Sooo much easier to surprise someone when he tells you how. The boy's got good taste in movies. I love the Land Before Time!

    1. Absolutely easier to surprise...haahaa! The Land Before Time was one of my favs when the boys were little. That is until they kept coming and coming and coming. :O

  2. hahaaaa Better start ordering the DVD's now so they're there on time lol ;)

    You're getting off lucky. Tommy has expensive taste. All year we've heard "for Christmas he wants a new sony laptop with windows 8 and for birthday a new imac with mountain lion (operating system) on it).

    Would you like to trade lists!!!?? ;)

    1. Ahhhhh yes...mountain lion. Eeep. How many more days??? ;P

      The last few DVD's are in transit. The 3 cost $10 in total and $42 in shipping. Haahaa! And yes I consider myself VERY lucky...just wish he would like things that aren't 10 or more years old! :D