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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Riley World meets "Survivor"

As I sat at the sewing machine yesterday trying to piece together sleeves that were literally hanging by a thread 

and side seams picked apart to fashion a poncho of years gone by…

OK so this was a little more drastic...
Ummmm...that would be the back panel on the right.

I thought to myself how Riley World was much like the TV series “Survivor”.

Was this R’s way of telling me he did not “like” a particular shirt?? OR

Maybe it was something sensory (itchy, scratchy, clingy)??  OR

MAYBE he had heard of the campaign to boycott Abercrombie & Fitch and to show his support decided to also boycott his Hollister (a division of A&F) t-shirts too?!?

To think that Riley could be interested in current events and further more support a boycott of the fashion retailer...I only had to look a few shirts further into the pile of destruction to discover t-shirts by American Eagle, Aeropostale and Quiksilver. Riley, it appeared, was unbiased and would not discriminate. No retailer was safe.

Whatever his reasons he left me dazed and confused. OUTWIT me???  Indeed he did.

However after 15 seasons of Survivor: Riley World Edition…I would persevere. Having almost failed the sewing portion of Home Economics in Grade 8, I needed to come up with a game plan.

I could throw out all the t-shirts and go buy new ones but that was hardly practical especially since some were almost brand new.

I could take them to a seamstress and have them sew together the pieces but this would be rather costly and again impractical.

Being the “practical” person that I am I decided I would thread the needle and repair the shirts myself. I know. WTH was I thinking?!?!

First I would need a sewing machine. Do you know how expensive sewing machines can be? I had no idea. Instead I found this handy, dandy, handheld model. Surely this would do the trick.

Again...WTH was I thinking!!!
Heck I could pull out the "stitching" made by this gizmo with my big toe alone!

Thankfully my sister had a machine hanging around her house for those little mending jobs and she offered to let us store use it. It now resides on the corner of our dining room table.

The "Brother" has been no match for far.  Eeep!

OUTPLAY?  Think this one goes to me. 

For those of you who are questioning WHY???  Why indeed. But if history repeats itself (and I am pretty sure it will) with all things Riley World as long as it is not a safety issue…this too shall pass. In the meantime I will keep mending the t-shirt puzzle pieces together with the exception of ones like this…

I...I...have no words. Yes that is the collar in the middle.

OUTLAST??  I am almost 53 years old and do not care anymore  have pretty much given up  have discovered inner peace and serenity now. You better believe I got this one!


  1. wow!!! I have no Too bad you can't glue the seams (after you sew it) or something (totally making things up here lol)

    uhh, happy Sewing? I heard wine helps a ton! ;)

    1. THIS time I even sewed over the seams that he hadn't taken apart yet. Yup, yup, yup...thinking ahead this time. Haaahaaa!

  2. oh wow. maybe he just wants tank tops?
    good luck - wish I could send some mending tape. and by that I mean of course, wine.

    1. YES to mending tape!!! And heyyyy....I just remembered a fad years ago when guys used to wear sweat shirts that had ripped off collars/sleeves. Maybe he's being nostalgic?!?!? ;P

  3. Um, I don't even know what to say about that. Does he do this while the shirt is still on his body?? You are a wonderful, patient mom.

    1. He has done it while he's wearing them...thankfully only the sleeves and hems. The ones that are beyond repair he takes out of his drawer and haves at it. Oish.