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Monday, 27 April 2015

Looking for a Job...
Ready OR .....Not?!?!?

After 15+ years in Riley World, we have come to grips with the reality that Riley will always need some type of support.

One of the questions we are often asked is whether or not we think R will ever be able to get a job. A paying job. I would like to think at some point…yes. What that would look like is a whole other thing.

Yesterday I needed some help putting 2200 tickets together in batches of 50. In my mind…this was a job for Riley-man!! He is a whiz when it comes to numbers and putting things in order. The only hurdle would be to convince him. 

The conversation went like this:

Me:       Riley…I need your help today.
R:         *giving me the side eye*
Me:       I need you to help me put some tickets in order.
R:         I’ll be whining!
Me:       Well…you can either go out on an adventure with dad or stay home and help me.
R:         *thinking*
Me:       ………
R:         Stay home and help you.

Before you think “oh how sweet…he wants to stay and help you”…no. No. That’s not it at all. Riley will do/say just about anything in order to stay home. This was followed with:

R:         I’LL BE WHINING!!
Me:       If you stay home…no whining otherwise you have to go out.
R:         *speaking quietly*  Just stay home.

A little later at R’s request…the McD’s card was thrown in as an incentive. ‘Doing a good job and no whining’ were the terms of G picking up a medium fries in a small brown bag on his way home.

I set up the tickets, demonstrated what needed to be done and after a few adjustments Riley was on his way. He managed to work for 45 minutes putting together 25 packets of 50 tickets. The only challenge “I” had was R scripting almost the entire time. 45 looooong minutes. Here. Watch and see:

In this next clip you will see where R dropped a couple of tickets and checked the numbers before placing them back on the pile (55 second mark) and how he stopped on his own when he hit 400. Yes I was impressed. :D

After 45 minutes I had had enough I let Riley off the hook. You watched and heard the video right???  

Less than 2 months shy of turning 21, Riley is not ready for all the responsibilities and independence required in getting and keeping a paid job. For now…that’s okay. We will keep working towards this goal through volunteering and work experience. 


  1. I'm NT and was in no way, shape or form ready for the responsibility of paid employment at 20... with a 4 yr college degree. Which is why I went to grad school :-)

    1. I'm not sure how to respond to you Kate?!?!? I hope once you are finished grad school you will find a job/career you will be happy in. :)

  2. Can't see videos on my tablet, Dagnabbit. I'll be back to watch later...

    1. You are such a wonderful mom. That is all.

    2. <3 Thank you Christine...that means a lot to me coming from you!!

  3. Well... at least it wasn't Caillou?! ;) His attention to detail is impressive! Dropped 2, checked the numbers, and jumped right back to the next stack. And how, HOW did he know when he hit 400?!!

    1. You make a very good point Tammy...not sure I would've lasted 5 minutes if it was Caillou. :(

      The tickets are numbered and he is extremely good at multi-tasking. :)

  4. Oh my, I say Aye Carumba constantly! I didn't even know what it means!! LOL
    a very good job done though.

    1. I say Aye Carumba a lot too! I had to look up what it meant because R just quotes from movies. :D

  5. What a great little job for him. He seemed so systematic. Very cool! Yay for small steps!