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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics

When I got an email on Sunday evening about the possibility of Riley participating in a Torch Run for Special Olympics, I was, as always, a little apprehensive.

Although the “unknown” and Riley World have learned to get along more and more over the years…nothing is ever guaranteed.

Not knowing any details about the run, one of us was ready to run with R. And then the heavens opened up and the angels started to sing. it was just my niece who called and said she was available to do this with R. *Phew*   I hate running. 

It turned out to be quite the event. They had a motorcycle escort (7 in all) and as they jogged along busy main streets, traffic was stopped at intersections until they passed through. The route was 5km. A few athletes (Riley included) participated in the last 1km only.

Of course I have pictures.  

Here they come.......Law Enforcement in Black; Athletes in Orange
Believe it or not...this is a VERY busy intersection. You don't see any cars because...haaaalllloooo...
the motorcycle escort!!!  Ask my girlfriend. She was stuck in the area.

Riley was BEAMING and all smiles!!!

The 7 Motorcycle Escort

He was NOT, however, going to hold the Torch.

If you ever have the opportunity to get involved with Special Olympics (as an athlete or volunteer)…DOOOO  IT!!! It is an amazing organization!

Maybe next year Riley will run the entire 5km!  :D


  1. What a great opportunity! Go Riley. And now that you have notice, maybe you can run the 5k with him next year! ;)

    1. Oh crack me up!!! :D

      It was a great opportunity indeed! To see him running and enjoying it so much....priceless.

  2. His smile!!! If he's anything like K, I'm guessing you're not the only one happier that YOU weren't the one running with him... ;)

    1. Got that right Tammy!! As soon as we saw him we could see him beaming and we able to breathe again. ;)

  3. what a fantastic opportunity for Riley!! Way to go.
    we definitely participate in this in our small town. we don't get the motorcycle escort because our town is so small... I think we had a couple of horses last time. LOL

    1. The Law Enforcement organization does so much, I wish it was advertised it more here. I'm sure there would have been so much more support (from the general public and Special Olympic supporters). It was truly an amazing opportunity for both Riley and my niece. :D

      Horses are good! Well...except maybe the cleanup. ;)