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Thursday, 7 July 2016

Seeing a 3D Movie...
through the Eyes of Riley World

Going to movies has not always been a “desired” activity in Riley World. Oh the stories I could tell. It has taken years and YEARS to get to the point where we are today. So if you’re thinking it’s never going to happen for your child…he/she may surprise you one day. Riley sure did.

And thanks to Pixar and DreamWorks the era of animated movies has made going to movies an outing at any age.

Yesterday Riley and I went to see Finding Dory in 3D. The last time I went to a 3D movie I wore the cardboard glasses with one blue and one red “lens”.
Not exactly comfortable nor effective. Tell me you didn’t sit there closing one eye…then the other…then tilted your head to the left…then to the right hoping it made a difference. Am I right???

Well with Netflix and On Demand TV these days, spending the equivalent of a bottle of wine, popcorn with that awful “golden topping” AND having to get out of my “home clothes”…not exactly motivating for me.

However, truth be known…I couldn’t wait to see Finding Dory! With summer break upon us and the weather less than ummmm “summery”…what better time to get Riley out of the house and satisfy my Ellen and Pixar fixation.

Did you know now-a-days the 3D glasses look and wear like real sunglasses? They do. Look…

I digress. Riley, being the more experienced movie goer of the two of us, paid for the movie, led me to the movie theatre and found us a seat as I followed behind in my usual menopausal fog. I did help him get the glasses out of the who-brings-scissors-to-a-theatre plastic wrap. Yesch!

He waited for the instructions on the screen before putting on his glasses. I contemplated taking a picture of R wearing his glasses but decided the flash might be a bit distracting to the other movie goers. I'm thoughtful that way. I, on the other hand, kept flipping my glasses on and off, on and off, on and off. Yea. I’m 55 going on 6.

Finally the movie started. I’m not giving anything away but in a flashback when baby Dory comes on the screen…OMG…she is soooooo cute!  Look. At. Her!!!

No reaction from Riley. Nada. Zippo.

Same when young Dory appears.

Not until the Dory with Ellen’s voice appeared did Riley get excited, looked at me and said “DORY! Look, it’s DORY!!!” 

No matter the progress Riley makes, I am still caught off guard sometimes. It's the seemingly small yet important details...the not being able to associate Dory at her different stages in life that are still such an abstract concept for Riley. many different dimensions to figure out in Riley World. 

Guess we'll just have to keep swimming.  



  1. Yes. Keep swimming. I do love that he took you out and paid for the date and escorted you to the theatre. What a guy!
    And baby Dory is TOTALLY adorable. I got a cavity from that sweetness. :D

    1. Had I known he was going to pay...I would've forced myself to eat some popcorn. ;)

  2. Cuddle Party!!!! LOL
    We all went just this past weekend, and of course everyone loved it. Baby Dory was too adorable for words. I cannot tell you how many pairs of those 3D glasses we have around our house. Why do the men keep coming home with them??!!

    1. Thankfully Riley's workers taught him to recycle the glasses at the theatre so I just followed along. :D