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Monday, 31 October 2016

2016...A NEW Halloween Era Begins

Back in June, I posted this conversation between G and R on Facebook:

R: My birthday is finished.
G: Yes it's finished.
R: It's too early for Christmas.
G: Yes it is. When can you start your Christmas list?
R: I don't know.
G: How about October?
R: NO. That's Halloween.
G: Are you going to dress up as a pirate again?
R: No.
G: What are you going to dress up as?
R: Princess Peach.
G: Oh. Why don't you dress up as Mario??
R: NO! Princess Peach!!
G: But Princess Peach is a girl.

This past Thursday was Riley’s Special O’s Bowling Halloween Night. R was over the moon to wear his new-found costume. I posted this pic on Facebook. That dress?? Ummmm...yea. My high school grad dress. Yes I kept it. Yes I know that was *cough* 38 *cough* years ago. Not sure which is more disturbing...the fact that I kept it all these years or the fact that Riley fits into it without any the length or chest area. Oi.

Thanks to everyone for all the positive comments!  Many were also commending me for being such a good mom and how awesome I must be to let R dress up as Princess Peach. Trust me. I’m not. A good mom that is. Awesome? Perhaps just a little.  ;)

Here’s the thing…it was also brought to my attention that R has actually been pining to be Princess Peach since he was about 14. Yea. 8 years. See. Not so awesome. However…to be fair, this was the first year he has actually insisted on being Princess Peach. For the other 7 years, he has been happy as a pirate. Really.

And if there’s ever any doubt about whether or not I made the right decision letting Riley dress up as Princess Peach…all I have to do is look at this face. 

Happy Halloween from Riley World!!!


  1. My son wanted to be Tinkerbell when he was about 4 years old. We just went with it and he proudly marched around the neighborhood in his light up fairy costume. He's embarrassed AF about it now -- but I am glad back then that we just let it happen. I mean, if Chris Pine can dress in drag for a funny skit - heck, we all can!!! LOL

    1. YOU, my friend, are a great mom!! :D