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Monday, 7 November 2016

How DST went down this year…

Twice a year the clocks change and cause a disturbance in Riley World. Not to mention what it does to me. For as long as I can remember, Riley’s reaction is something like this…

It is a two-person job in our house. One person per clock would be better but…

Try as we might…inevitably there will be one rogue clock that refuses to sync with the rest. 

Before G & I went to bed on Saturday night, we assumed our positions. Each next to a different kitchen appliance. I changed the clocks on the microwave and stove. We stood at the ready…fingers poised and hovering over the “reset/start” button. As soon as the time on my cell changed to 10:58, we would simultaneously (or as close as possible) hit our button.

We still had about 30 seconds to wait. 30 seconds seems like an eternity when you are waiting.

And then…G panics. The stove clock reverted back to the current time! We quickly changed places but not before the time clicked over to 10:58. Damn!! 

We regroup. This time G at the microwave, me at the stove.

Again…we wait.

10:59 appears on my cell.  “NOW!” I yell.  High fives and upstairs we go. One more set of clocks before heading to bed.

Now if you don’t live in Riley World or the Land of Autism…going to such lengths to change a clock probably seems ridiculous…insane…or downright irrational. Just so we’re clear…it is. Welcome to Riley World and the Land of Autism.

Oh…and for the first time EVER…Riley did not come around even once on Sunday muttering that “the clock is wrong!” 

Looks like G & I have finally passed Clock Syncing 101.  


  1. LOL! Doesn't seem odd at all!

  2. The gif thing made me snort. :)
    Glad it all worked out for you this year. And it only took 2 decades!

    1. Hahaha! Yea...I was pretty proud of myself making it! :D

      Ouch...truth hurts. :P isn't quite 2 decades. ;)

  3. I leave all the clock changing to hubby... and every single damn clock has a different time. *eyeroll for eternity* I'm with Riley on this one. LOL