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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Million Dollar Smile....
and it only cost me $10

One would think after almost 18 years I would know what makes Riley World tick. All the subtleties. Every little nuance. One would think.

And then…BAM!  Right in the face….a reality check.

One of the things on Riley’s Christmas list was “The Grinch CD.”
Every time I saw him, he would specify “The Grinch. Just the disc.” Of course I knew what he meant. Duh!!  He wanted “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” DVD! Just like all the others on his list. Why he specifically kept saying “Just the disc” for that one and only item…surely slip of the tongue.

And then…
Last week he came downstairs with this in hand…

*25W lightbulb turns on*
Me:  OHHHHHH...You wanted the CD!
R:  …....
*I’m sure he was thinking…ummmm…yea!*
Me:  I’m sorry.
R:  That’s okay!  
Me:  You wanted the AUDIO CD. You wanted the one that tells the story.
R:  *relieved voice*  Ohhhhhh-kay.
Me:  I made a mistake. Sorry about that.
R:  Did you make a mistake??  You made a mistake. That’s ok.

So last Friday we went to try and ummmmm…rectify MY mistake.

We looked in all the shelves. No luck. I told Riley we could buy it online but first we would ask at the front desk. After looking it up, the young man said he would go check in the back.  
I didn’t have a lot of hope but we waited patiently.

And then….
R ...“HE FOUND IT!!”

I hadn’t even noticed he had come out. I was doing everything I could, short of jumping over the aisle, to see if he had anything in hand.
Sure enough…

As we waited to pay, R kept repeating “HE FOUND IT! Now it’s perfect!” 
R's not one for pics...but I asked him to show me his "Happy Face"


  1. That is a happy face! Sometimes the universe aligns for our needs and for what matters :)

    1. :D Between you and me....I would've sprung for $12. :P

  2. Awww, how lovely that it worked out for him!

    1. Not sure who was more relieved....Riley or me?!?!? :D

  3. OMG that is so wonderful. I love that face so much. You're so awesome! Decoding things from these guys is quite the task.

    1. Just when I think I have him figured out.....BAM!!! Hahaha!