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Sunday, 5 March 2017


Hard to believe it’s already been a year since Riley participated in his first March Madness weekend basketball tournament!  Say whaaaaaaattttt????

In case you didn’t realize that if you click on the red letters, you can read all about his first experience. Here…here’s a second chance.  Go ahead…click on these red letters. I’ll wait. *starts whistling*

So…wasn’t that inspiring??  Do you need some Kleenex??  Here…*passes tissues*

This year was different. Why?  Because it wasn’t our first time. First times in Riley World can be so, SO hard. 

This year we knew what to expect. We did not arrive 3 hours early. Instead, G went early to pick up R’s uniform and we arrived in time for the opening ceremonies. We still had to wait for R’s first game but this year it was manageable. 

This year there was progress. We love seeing progress in Riley World. Riley followed instructions from his coaches.

They told him where he should be standing. And that is where he stood. Whether there were other players around or not. He stood where he was told.

They told him to keep his arms up. And that is what he did. Whether the play was behind him, in front of him or at the other end of the court. He kept his arms up.

This year Riley even touched the ball. About 10 times!!  That's over 500% more than last year!  Sure a couple of times the ball glanced off his raised arms but I am totally calling that a 'touch'. Okay and maybe the one time he was supposed to throw the ball inbounds he was quite agitated and just chucked the ball halfway down the court to absolutely no one. Yikes. But, they let him try again and this time he threw it to his team mate. Go Riley!! 

And just like last year, when someone scored, whether it was his team or the opponent…Riley clapped. He clapped with enthusiasm.

The entire weekend was filled with moments that made my heart melt, swell and just feel good. Don’t get me wrong. There was competition and at the highest level. Athletes of all levels came to play and to compete. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player…they were all together supporting each other in the true spirit of sportsmanship.  

And that is the beauty of Special Olympics.


  1. I remember the post from last year and I am glad it went even better this year!I love that he claps for everyone!

    1. Thanks Vic! If there was a trophy for Most Sportsmanlike...R would be a shoe-in!!! ;)

  2. Aww, love it, love that you've had such a positive experience! Go Riley :)

    1. Thanks Steph! Special Olympics is a wonderful organization!!!

  3. Love this so much!! I am cheering here at home. :)