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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Living in a Cave

G used to jokingly say to me that “I lived in a cave”. I never took offense because I kinda do. You could even call me somewhat naïve. As I’ve said before I really don’t like any kind of conflict, unless I am backed into a corner, so am quite happy to go about my merry way minding my own business.

Now when R was first diagnosed with autism, I did what I think a lot of parents do…went to the internet and researched everything I could about autism. The internet is a great source of information for pretty much EVERYTHING!!! For me though too much information “IN” causes me to have a system crash. I start to over think everything. I get all anxious and filled with self-doubt. Whether it's about choosing a car, kitchen appliance or therapy. There can be just waaaay too many options/choices and then there’s the “what ifs”? So there are times when I’ve found the best way for me to operate is on a “need to know” basis. Sure it’s not always the most practical or realistic. Sure I may not always sound the most intelligent or knowledgeable. But it’s a coping mechanism that works for me.

I’ve always found my computer to be a great outlet for my stress. Whether it be surfing the net or playing games I could just kind of zone out and not think about much else other than beating the dragon level of mahjongg. =D But lately I’ve been getting caught up in the whole social networking thing (tweeting, reading other people’s blogs and trying to blog myself). Of course not being the most intuitive person, I didn’t realize until after I had a bit of a breakdown this past week that perhaps I was overloading my poor old brain with too much information. Nothing happened that was life-threatening by any means just a build-up of minor disappointments over the last few months.

Where am I going with all this and do you really care??? Well I think I’ve gotten a bit away from why I started to blog in the first place which was to write about the funny, sometimes frustrating yet mostly memorable moments (gee that's an awful lot of 'M's) of living with autism from our family’s perspective. I’m certainly not an insightful person nor do I have anything profound to say so rather than think I need to be (insightful or profound that is), I will try and limit the amount of information going “IN”, go back to living in Lala Land and try and blog about what I know best…Riley World.

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  1. you and i are so much alike lol I'm in search of such a cave.

  2. Wait... there's such a thing as too much information? LOL? I'm full-on-Aspie-addicted to information. The only thing more satisfying than collecting it is categorizing it! I can, however, relate to wanting to live in a cave. :) I'm glad you're retreating as needed.

    1. Hey...I have an idea! Maybe I can just send you a topic to research, categorize, summarize and then you can send me the Coles notes version. Sounds like a win/win situation. HA! You can even vacation in my cave whenever you want. :D