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Sunday, 13 May 2012

MAD aka Mom Appreciation Day!!!

Riley's been talking about Mother's Day since May 1st.  He is REALLY excited. Why??? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe he's looking forward to unwrapping all those "good, thoughtful, expensive gifts" that I'm not getting. Gee...that sounded a little bitter didn't it?!?  I'm really not. I got over THAT years ago.  :) 

For me it has never been about an expensive gift or any type of gift for that matter. Thoughtful is nice. That is why I am going to rename today "Mom Appreciation Day!" at our house. After all, I think that's really all most of us moms want isn't it?  

Unfortunately I forgot to inform the offspring this year *sigh*.  Oh well like I've always said, they put Mother's Day before Father's Day for a reason.  Tee hee.

Hope all you "Moms" have a very well-deserved and happy MAD!!! 

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