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Saturday, 19 May 2012

"Saturday Seven" via Satellite

They say “imitation is the highest forms of flattery” and I’m hoping Robbie will agree. I faithfully follow her blog over at “Fractured Family Tales”. She posts a variety of topics in a weekly instalment called “Saturday Seven”. I mean I could have pretended I came up with this idea and called it the Saturday Six or something else but really…let’s give credit where credit is due so once again if you click on any of these red words you’ll link over to Robbie's blog

One of Riley’s favourite things to do when he’s at home is to watch DVD’s up in his room. He will watch two movies at the same time (or should I say the same 7 second sequence over…and over…and over…and over again); one on his portable DVD player and the other on the TV. I am amazed at his ability to multi-task. He can operate two remote controls with pinpoint accuracy, hold up a DVD in order to look at his reflection while making faces all while scripting from a variety of different movies the entire time. FYI…his inflection is spot on and apparently there is no mute button for his voice. So without further ado…here are Riley's "Saturday Seven" via satellite for this week that one might hear coming from his room at any given time: 

1.      Go away, I’m not home!   (Gru)

2.      All I'm saying is families are inevitable; they're like death or taxes.  

3.      Nobody cares about your stupid frog right now, FedEx, OK?

4.      It’s not for you crow.  (The wicked witch from Snow White)

5.      And do it NOW!!!!!   (Cruella Deville from 101 Dalmations)

6.      Allllllllvvvvviiiiinnnnnn!!!!!!  (screaming...Dave Seville)

7.      My butt is itching up a storm and I can’t reach it in this monkey suit. 

Let this be fair warning to any visitors...Riley IS alone; he is NOT being tortured and he IS having a good time!


  1. HAHAHAA!! I love it!!!!!! Tommy does that too!! He pin points his favorite spots and then bring them up on the iphone via youtube and plays them at the same Saturdays are his DVD days. *smh* Good times indeed :)

    1. We've gotten so used to it, it hardly phases us. Just notice when people are over and R's doing his maniacal laugh or arguing (both parts of course). LOL!!!

  2. I love this and of course I am flattered :)

    Despicable ME is one of my favorite movies and i am highly impressed with his multi tasking considering i can barely work just one remote at a time.

    1. I'm with you...there's just waaaay too many buttons on remote controls these days. Oi-vay! I usually pass it off to the males in the household.