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Friday, 7 September 2012

Special "O"lympics...5-Pin Bowling

It has been a somewhat trying week in Riley World what with the start of R’s final year of high school and all the unknowns. Let’s just say I could have been the new face of Debbie Downer. Not to worry, after last night I have regrouped and have a new attitude *fingers crossed*.

Why the sudden turnaround? Well Riley joined and went to his first Special Olympics sports program last night. It was the start of the 2012-2103  5-Pin Bowling season. What once would have been a recipe for disaster due to the noise, having to wait and take turns…G and I sat back and watched as R sat with his 4 other teammates in a bowling alley that dates back to the 1960’s (I’m not kidding) along with 80 other athletes, scorekeepers and spectators. I KNOW! Who’da thunk it?!?

They got started promptly at 6pm with a little warm-up set to some upbeat pop song. R even got into the beat of the music shimmying in his usual Riley fashion. Remember the aquacise in Mexico???  Enough said.

Then they got bowling. Without going into all the gory details (will leave for another post) of how R’s bowling “career” came to be…to see him participating and cheering on his teammates put a permagrin on our faces. The highlight was when Riley got his first strike somewhere in the middle of the first game. He threw both arms up in the arm, twirled around in a circle, yelled out “Strike” and repeated this move 2 more times on his way back to his seat! Are you smiling too about now? (He takes after his Auntie S when it comes to his enthusiasm…tee hee.)

We did have to pack it in a bit early as it all got to be a bit overwhelming for Riley but I’m not going to mention that. Ooops…too late.  :)  Hopefully next week we’ll be able to get some footage of R’s signature bowling happy dance. I'm sure you are all dying to see it...right???

To tide you over until then…here is a clip of Patti LaBelle singing my new anthem.


  1. That is such an AWESOME big step! I'm grinning ear to ear :)

    1. Thanks Stacie! He did great and his "happy" dances make us laugh...I mean beam with pride. :)

      We could all learn a thing or two about sportsmanship watching these young adult athletes.


  2. That is SO great!! Tommy SOOOOOO LOVES bowling. Same reasons.. the noise and people are just too much. Before puberty we'd go to the night bowling. Everything glows and they play loud music and he'd dance and bowl all night. Now... not a chance. *sigh* Gotta enjoy it while you got it! Can't wait for the footage!!

    1. Riley used to go glow blowing too! He is so used to going with just a few other people and being able to blast through 3 games in no time flat. The waiting and noise was pretty overwhelming.

      Keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be able to cope.