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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Heart Day!

You have probably heard the saying “Fool me once…shame on you; fool me twice…shame on me.” Well let me just say there have been many times in the past that “shame on me” has applied but not this year! No sirreee. 

After last year’s Valentine’s Day little mix up, I was on it this year! Yup. I made a list for Riley AND emailed his LC teacher and SEA yesterday to give them a heads up. Hopefully you won’t be reading anything more about this tomorrow. Well...even if there was something...fool me thrice?!?   Uhhhh...nevermind.  

Treats for the "Ladies" in Riley World


  1. lol for the ladies! That's too cute.. I dread this day. I wonder how many times Tommy will change his shirt and tie lol *smh*

    1. OMG...I just about spit out my coffee!!! Haahaa. I love how Tommy likes to dress for all the special occasions. <3

      Happy Heart Day to you Rhonda! D