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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

And even MORE Poetry...

While I was getting caught up on Riley’s blog today (he posts his school work on a private blog - yet another great idea from one of his teachers!) I came across another poem that I just had to share. It made me smile…ok I actually burst out laughing but in a good, warm and fuzzy all over kinda way.  <3

Since the beginning of this month Riley’s English class began a poetry unit which includes reading, reviewing poetic terms, poem analysis and writing poems. R’s aide has done a great job modifying the curriculum to include poems by Dr. Seuss (a Riley World favourite), having him create fill-in-the-blank poems and writing questions for him to answer.

This poem and particularly R’s analysis made my day!

Ride a Wild Horse by Hannah Kahn

Image from MorgueFile
Ride a wild horse
with purple wings
striped yellow and black
except his head
which must be red.

Ride a wild horse
against the sky
hold tight to his wings…
before you die.
Whatever else you leave undone
once, ride a wild horse
into the sun.

Question 1: 
Where would you go if you could ride this horse?  To the Playland

RW Translation:  Playland is the midway area of an amusement park where we live. There is a merry-go-round with horses which Riley used to ride when he was younger. Literal thinker??? Ummm…that would be a yes.  I highly recommend you read this post “The Lowdown on Literal Thinking” by my good bloggy buddy Bec (she is awesome and really, really smart) for a great explanation!

Question 2:
What should you do before you die?   look for cars

RW Translation:  Obviously by his answer we may have gone slightly overboard with our “Street Safety” lessons although we have never talked about dieing…honest! *crossing heart*

Question 3:
Which are the rhyming sentence in this poem?   head and red

RW Translation:  Sentence? Words? Close enough. Nailed this one!!!   :D


  1. He's so smart. Love it!

    And class blogs are the best. Thank you, teachers!

    1. Technology can be a wonderful thing. R's teacher suggested he start a blog in Business Ed. I am sure his blog would surpass mine if it wasn't private. Haahaa!

  2. Shucks, I don't know about really really smart. One really would have sufficed.

    I love his answers! Do you say "what should you do before you cross the street?" Because he probably heard the first part and it prompted him to give his answer before he even processed the "die" at the end.

    1. YES...we do say that! SEE...really, REALLY smart!!!!! I think I should add another couple reallys. ;P