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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Holding Steady...

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You may have noticed the lack of updates here and on Facebook this past week.  You.  Did.  Notice.  Right??? 

We started Operation IFO three weeks ago. Twenty-one days. Plus or minus fifty meals. 

We had success sooner than I would have ever dreamed of…on Day 7

We were shocked most pleasantly surprised to see how Riley has, with age, developed negotiating skills (with video to boot) and a maturity to take on this latest challenge without the meltdowns that we knew too well when he was little.

Unfortunately this past weekend a dreaded canker sore came into play. I was not able to catch it in time and once again Riley’s lips look larger than a pouting Mike Jagger. Only raw, irritated and inflamed. Ouch.   

So in order to keep the peace we are in a holding pattern. Hopefully in the next week or so we can carry on to Stage 2: Condiments and Sauces of Operation IFO.

I hope you will stay tuned…


  1. I am not kidding when I say just last night I was thinking about you and IFO. I was going to send you a note, asking how it was going when I saw this pop up.
    I hope that canker sore heals up quickly. Ouch.

    1. Really??? Gee...thanks Christine! You made my day. :)

      It's not as bad as it was in the summer...keeping my fingers crossed that we are on the road to recovery. Eeep!