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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

2 Words...Fettuccini Alfredo!!
#Operation IFO

Has it really been 2 weeks since my last Operation IFO post??? *Gasp*  Between R’s sore mouth, trying to be Thankful every week and decorating the house…need I say more?!?

A couple of things you may notice…
  • R is wearing a different shirt and shorts. Today was laundry day and lunch was mid-cycle.  :)
  • He avoids the left side of his mouth and uses a straw to drink his juice. R’s mouth has been sore…AGAIN! *sigh*  
As a warning…fettuccini is not Riley-friendly. It is hard to stab in his usual piston like manner. It slops around and is messy. There is a lot of hand-shovelling and food hanging out of his mouth. Some may think R’s table “manners” are ummmm…lacking. You would be right. However at this point…it is all about eating the food. Etiquette can come later. 

This was what he started with:

Viewer Warning: This is a long one my friends. Just under 11 minutes. I was trying to edit it because let’s face it…even G and I were getting tired of watching. However I decided that a few seconds here and there would interrupt the flow so instead I will make note of some of the highlights so you can skip ahead should you decide to watch.

0:20:    R: “You don’t have rice for dinner.” – Riley’s way of saying he wants oyako-donburi for dinner…not just rice.  :)
0:32:    R: “We’ll be back in time for Christmas.” – Riley World is going on location in a bit and R was concerned we would not be back in time to open presents so he has been perseverating feels the need to keep confirming.
1:18:    Pours his own juice at the table.
2:06:    R and I have a conversation about the decorations.
2:20:    R’s response to “thanks/thank you” from anyone is “Awww…that’s nice.”
3:44:    I suggested he needed another napkin.
4:00:    He was not happy about my suggestion to wipe his mouth.
4:52:    R looking at his reflection in the corner cabinet (has glass doors).
5:53:    Token gagging.
6:28:    Desperately trying to make eye contact begins.
7:57:    Flicking pasta – gets some on his t-shirt.
8:30:    Flicking continues.
9:20:    R: “I’m full now.”  A few seconds later… “Please.”  *Gulp*  
10:28:  Makes sure he pushes in his chair before leaving. 

I suggest you go empty your bladder, grab a snack or meal and get into your comfy clothes. Here we go...

This was what was left:

If it wasn’t for my friend Tammy and her ummm not-so-subtle hint…you may have been spared this IFO video. So blame her for this feature length movie.  :P

Have a great day!!


  1. R has a way of making a nice plate of pasta look like greasy, grimy, gopher guts!

    1. Haahaa...not sure I'd classify Michelina's as "nice plate of pasta"?!? But I do like your alliteration! ;P

  2. Where'd my comment go??????? Good grief.
    Quick version: I've never seen anyone drink a glass of juice so fast.
    Glad to see you were able to have a nice little conversation while he ate.
    The scraping of the pepper off the noodles was cracking me up. My kids do the same thing with onions, no matter how teeny tiny I cut them.
    My favorite part was when he got a bunch of long noodles in a row. As one dangled from his fork, he seemed to give you a look that said, "What the hell am I supposed to do with this? What are you doing to me?" And then he flicked, flicked, flicked until it fell off. And he had to clean himself of the splatters.

    1. Gah....I hate when that happens (losing comments).

      When R was younger the mere sight of 'flecks' would almost be cause for a meltdown. It's amazing how kids can see the teeniest, tiny pieces isn't it.

      I could tell he was staring me down and let me tell took all I could not to glance up. The flicking and splatters on his shirt cracked me up too!!

  3. Hahah!! I am proud to take credit for our latest IFO installment! Loooove the posturing in the mirror! He is more relaxed, don't you think? Had more conversation about things other than this horrible meal you'd prepared him... And NO table banging! The only real anger from you asking him to wipe his mouth (and who can blame him... sheesh mom...) A little IFO success??? I would have had to give in to those SERIOUSLY pitiful requests to be all done too!!! Loving my window into Riley's World. <3 What’s next? Broccoli? Cheesburger? CHICKEN Fettuccini??!

    1. I totally forgot about the table banging!!! :O That's a good thing. Right??? ;)

      Haaahaaa....the "posturing"...cracks me up! Thanks! I just caved when he said "Please." So pathetic. :)

      Hmmmmm......broccoli???? You are really pushing for the credits aren't you?? :D