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Sunday, 13 March 2016

DST 2016...The End of an Era!

I’m sure you are all dying to hear how DST 2016 went down.

If you're new here this meme pretty much describes how DST usually goes in our house.

This past week was met with high winds and a few power outages. Riley World does not cope well with power outages.  AT. ALL.

A Facebook friend suggested getting a clock with battery backup. I will admit this is not the first time someone has made the suggestion and as always I would have full intentions of getting one. Until a few days would pass and well…you know how it goes. You don't??  Here. Let me give you an example. Now be honest. Have you ever done this...Sees fans on sale in the spring. Thinks to yourself...I’ll wait to buy a new fan until closer to summer. Summer comes but it's not too hot so you still don't buy a new fan. Suddenly BAM...a hot spell hits and all the fans are sold out everywhere and you are left in a hot, messy, pile of sweat”…yea that. 

Anyways…with the impending DST and the stress of 2 power outages and syncing clocks fresh in my mind…I actually went out to buy a new clock for our bedroom. One with battery backup.

Yesterday afternoon I attempted to set the clock. I read the instructions (because I’m a woman) and headed upstairs. It went like this…

R:  What is it?
Me:  I bought a new clock.
R:  What are you doing with the new clock?
Me:  I’m setting the time. Will you help me??
R:  Sure.
Me:  *pushing buttons…ALL the buttons*
R:  What are you doing with the new clock??
Me:  I’m trying to figure out how to set the time. Can you go ask dad to give you the instructions please?
R:  *yelling as he goes*  Dad…you can give the instructions please?
Me:  *continues to push ALL the buttons with a little more ummm force because we all know that helps*
R:  *hands me the instructions*  What are you doing with the new clock???
Me:  *sweating*  I’m trying to set the time.  *sounding slightly agitated* 
R:  You’re trying to set the time??
Me:  Yes. When I’m ready can you go tell me what time your clock says?
R:  *runs into his room*  It’s 8:18!  *runs back into our room and looks at the new clock*  It's wrong. 
Me:  Wait until I’m ready.
R:  *runs into his room*  It’s 8:19!!
Me:  Tell me when it turns to 8:20.
R:  …………IT’S 8:20!!!  *comes running back into our room to check out the new clock*
Me:  Done.
R:  *in his happy, relieved voice*  We’re done.  *happily runs off*

Oh and the “new” clock……it’s bright enough that I was able to make shadow puppets when I woke up in the middle of the night. I’m. NOT. Kidding. 


  1. I think every single clock in our house has a different time. By the time we run downstairs to change the spare bedroom clock... it's about 5 minutes behind. Also, why do we have so many damn clocks? Everyone just looks at their phone, which updates automatically. :/

    1. That is definitely the beauty of cell phones. I'm afraid I am still old school when it comes to alarms though. Need the ol' radio blasting to wake me up. Haha!