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Monday, 7 March 2016


Last Wednesday, Riley had his last session of Connects (a Canucks Autism Network social program for young adults). They went to White Spot (a local restaurant) for a windup party. As always we were a bit hesitant because as you all know, Riley generally only eats food items at Sushi places (his plain udon) or Pizza Hut when he’s out without us.

I had previously checked out the menu at this restaurant (more specifically the kids’ menu) and lucky for us they had a grilled cheese sandwich.  Riley had been there at Christmas with his IWNS group and well…he pretty much picked the sandwich apart and left a heaping pile of crusts and grilled cheese bits.

We didn’t want to make a big deal about someone having to cut off the crusts for him so G just gave them the heads up in case they wondered why he wasn’t eating/picking at his food. When G went to pick Riley up, they said he ate the entire sandwich. Crusts and all!  Whaaaaa????  Shocked does not begin to describe how we felt. Peer pressure for the win!!!    

A couple of days later I decided to try this at home. I set a grilled cheese sandwich with crusts at the table and called R.

He came.

He sat.

He started to eat without a second glance. Or at least I don’t think he did a double-take. I can’t be sure. I was avoiding all eye contact.

About 30 seconds later he finally commented “Like White Spot.” I poured on the positive reinforcement and even went so far as suggest perhaps he could also eat his toast with the crusts on. He replied with a resounding YES!

Then this morning I made R’s toast with crusts and put them on the table.

He came.

He stood there.

He looked at the toast. 

He looked at me.

R:  What’s this??
Me:  It’s toast with the crusts on.
R:  This is different.
Me:  Yes. Like grilled cheese.
R:  I don’t like it.




  1. The gif is the perfect punch line. :)

    Two steps forward, one step back is still a total of one step forward!

    Go make some more waffles. :)

    1. Glad you like it. I had such high hopes. :P

      Best $14.99 I ever invested. Haha!

    2. But.... grilled cheese and toast - two different things :) LOL DC never had a problem with crust, but he does with plenty of other things.

    3. Haha...I know *sigh* Wishful thinking on my part. ;)

  2. But the cheese is all the difference!! LOL
    All the points for the perfect use of gif.
    My daughter hates crust too, and she goes so far as to pull off all the outside crush on a dinner roll, and only eat the inside!! Oye.

    1. Thanks...I followed your lead with the gifs! :D

      When J2 was little he would "hollow" out a roll...looked practically untouched until you picked it up. Haha!

  3. lmao!!! AWWWW!!! Look how far you've come though!!!! Complete success if you ask me :) Maybe toast with crust was his line he's drawn in the sand lol

    1. Yea...I should've respected the line. Hahahaha!