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Friday, 6 January 2012

An All-Inclusive Adventure

Talk about an Adventure with Riley!  What an amazing trip!!!  Hard to believe after 10 months of planning, 11 hours on planes, 3 hours on buses, swimming with the dolphins, jumping off a cliff, visiting some Mayan Ruins, umpteen Miami Vice and World Cup slushies, laughing until my cheeks hurt and 7 loads of laundry later…it’s all over.  *heavy sigh*

When you’re travelling with such a large group (25 of us), an all-inclusive is definitely THE way to go!  Once you’re there, what type of tropical concoction you are going to try next is about the toughest decision you have to make. 

Being of legal drinking age in Mexico, J2 did his best to make sure he got the most for “our” money.  ;P  He even went so far as to secure a spot in the lounge for pre-dinner cocktails all by himself and a half hour early!  I know…how considerate is THAT!?!?  Oish.

G made sure to have 3 "complete" meals a day and put his newly acquired Christmas cooler cup to good use.  His only complaint was his straw didn’t have the swizzle mixer on the end.  

J1 surprised everyone by showing up unannounced.  Being the seasoned traveller that he is, he took it upon himself to verify that Imodium really does work the first time.  What a trooper. 

R discovered that Lay’s S&V chips in the turquoisy-blue bag do in fact taste the same as the ones at home.  YES!!  Unfortunately he did not acquire a taste for Mexican or any other new food for that matter……so much for opening up a whole new world of dining experiences.  *sigh*  He did manage to go through 36 of the 48 packages of Mr. Noodles, a Costco size box of cheerios and 3 bags of rice cakes that we transported.  Luckily G was able to get some raw eggs to put in his soup and they had hot dogs at the resort.  We figured it worked out to about $50 per wiener and $20 an egg.  Maybe an all-inclusive isn’t the best way to go for Riley.  HA!

I did MY best to supplement R’s costs.  Although I’m not a breakfast person so only filled my face twice a day, I forced myself to make that second trip to the buffet.  The sacrifices a mother must make.  Tee hee.  The heat really took its toll on me too so I had no choice but to try and stay hydrated.  Thankfully my cooler cup came with the swizzle mixer straw. 

Can’t wait for the next Tucker Takeover!  D

PS  Watch for my “Travelling (with or w/o Autism) Tips” over the next couple of days.

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