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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Travelling (with or w/o Autism) Tips

Tip #1:

An electric Hot Pot/Multi-Pot is a MUST if you have a "particular” eater. 

Rival Hot Pot Express (2 Prong Plug)
Toastess Multi-Pot (3 Prong Plug)

These little beauties have been an absolute saviour for us.  So much so that I feel they are a part of our family and should be given names. ;P  They cook incredibly fast, are durable, easy to clean and travel well.  We take them with us wherever we go when in doubt about cooking facilities.  Yes they BOTH made the trek to Mexico! 

A bowl/dish, a few eating/cooking utensils, a little dish soap (optional), in our case the required small sieve for the green flecks and you’re good to go.  If your “particular” eater is attached to a “particular” bowl/plate/eating utensil…don’t forget to take them along.  Trust me when I say you will only forget "required/particular" items once, anything else can hopefully be bought. 

Travelling is not an option for many families for any number of reasons.  For us, with R’s very limited diet, food has always been an issue.  Since discovering these little gems, we’ve been able to take along and cook food for him which has made travelling a little less stressful.  I highly recommend one of these if you have a "particular" eater. 

Happy Travels!   D

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