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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Is it "MAD" this weekend???

Remember last year I decided to rename the upcoming "holiday" on Sunday to "MAD" - Mom Appreciation Day?  No???  Oh.  Well I did.  You can refresh your memory here.

When the boys were babies/toddlers I felt it was G's "duty" to shower me with gifts. After all...I gave birth to two more heirs; provided him with at least twenty more years of parenting; and oh...never mind.

Thank goodness for preschool. Preschool teachers are Saints!! They have the patience of Job twice over. There was no way I could ever, EVER do crafts at home with the boys let alone glue macaroni and holly onto a paper plate then spray paint it gold. A 1996 and 1997 Christmas highlight. And let us not forget the juice can pencil holder. Seriously though, those were THE best presents EVER!!!

Elementary school brought poems, cards and artwork.

J2 drew this. I had longish hair back then.
And apparently a very looong neck.  :)

Then came high school and the tribute to me stopped. Abruptly. WTH! They really need to build that into the curriculum. 

When J2 was in grade 11, he surprised me with this:

I know. Awwwww. If you need to go get a kleenex I will wait. *whistling*  As I was saying that was in grade 11. Nothing since. Thus the beginning of my Mom Appreciation Day campaign. 

So why am I writing about this???  Well this year my sister and I decided to grab one of those last minute deals and will be spending the weekend on a relocation cruise. No spawn. No spouses. Just us moms. Cause we deserve it damn it!  

Bon voyage and Happy MAD!!!  


  1. I love those early drawings kids do of their moms. I just thought of a game. All my mom friends get out their "portraits" and lay them out, then we all have to guess which mom they all are.
    In our preschool class this year, we did a little fill in the blank "About Mom" page. I so wanted to bring some home for my kids to fill out and give to me.
    Have a blast this weekend! You do deserve it!

    1. The preschool "fill-in the blank" pages were/are *wink* my favourites!!! One of the endearing sides of Riley World. :D

  2. so so sooooo jealous!!!!!! Hope you're having a SPECTACULAR time!!!!!!!