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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Pinterest...Keeping it Real

Are you a Pinterest fanatic? Do you have umpteen boards on Pinterest?  OR…are you like me…have a Pinterest account because everybody else does but have no idea what you are doing over “there”. Yesch…yet another time-sucking social media temptation.

Last week Bec over at Snagglebox (she is the one I mentioned in a previous post as being really, REALLY smart because well…she just IS) wrote yet another awesome, witty post “Real Parent Pinterest”. If you have not read it you need to. Off you go. Here is the link again. Just be sure to come back.

Hello again.

Then Sharon from The Tumultuous Truth (another awesome blogger from Down Under) suggested the online autism bloggy world build on Bec’s idea and so “Pinterest Keeping it Real Week” was born. This topic was yelling whispering sweet nothings in my ear so of course I had to write a post.

My last Monday Listicles was 10 Things I could do in 30 minutes or less. One of them was plan, prep and cook a gourmet meal…in Riley World. Since Whacamole Mom wanted more details…more details she shall have.

Meals in Riley World are boring  bland  ummm…uninspiring to say the least. Take for instance one of the few “meat” products that R will eat. You have surely heard of Tube Steaks???  

Imagine James Bond doing the voice-over for this Pin:
“All Beef.  Boiled…not grilled.”

So...anybody interested in coming over for a gourmet meal???   :D


  1. Tube Steaks, that's awesome! You have to pin that :)

    1. What can I inspire me! :D

  2. those would be DELISH with some mac and cheese! lol Funny thing, for about 5 years, Tommy ONLY would eat hot dogs or McDonalds Cheeseburgers for dinner. Took me SOOOOOOOOO long to expand his pallet. When he liked Spongebob (hates it now) he would only eat sloppy joes if I called them Crabby Patties lol Then again.. he used to think Ranch dressing was a meal, and at any given time he could be found drinking pickle juice from the pickle jar. *smh*

    1. WOW...Tommy has quite the palette! I really need to work on R's diet again. Maybe that will be our summer "project" this year?!? Oi-vay.

  3. While "tube steaks" are not my favorite meal choice, I must agree with Riley. I prefer them boiled to grilled. But only if the spinning cooking thing like they have at the ballpark are unavailable.
    Does he jazz it up with a thick tomato sauce? (aka ketchup) :)

    1. Haahaa..."thick tomato sauce". That would be a no. "NO seasoning" is the standard in Riley World. Any visible flecks or condiments would be cause for the garbage. :(

      Personally...I don't do mystery meats! ;P