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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

School's Out...FOREVER!

Where did the month of June go?!? So many things happened in Riley World that I had intended to blog about. Within a 13 day period we celebrated Riley finishing grade 12 with the formal Banquet, the Commencement Ceremonies AND he turned 19 years old! 

To say it has been overwhelming would definitely be an understatement. Not only is Riley done with school FOR.EVER…there will be a huge transition come September.

I am starting to hyperventilate so I think I will just focus on sharing some of the highlights of the final chapters of school life in Riley World.

The Banquet

Suited up and ready to go.

Riley and some of his favourite "ladies". 

The First Dance

Now I am pretty sure the last time Riley danced with a girl was at his Grade 7 Graduation.

I was not about to take the same stance as he did in Grade 7.
We forgot to practice beforehand...which explains the grimaces. 

R & J2 taken towards the end of the night
...out in the hall
...for the third time
...gripping his headphones and iTouch
...thankfully teeth clenched tightly so screaming "CHEEEEZZZ" kept to a dull roar. 

Just 2 years ago we went through all this with J2. Yet this time was different. There would be no pre-Banquet celebrations. No limo rides to the Banquet with friends. No Safe After Grad celebrating.

Did you just heavy sigh?  I am pretty sure you did. As I wrote this I may have let a heavy little sigh slip out too. But to be perfectly honest I never even thought about all that until now. Why?  Because while it was all happening there was too much to think about in the moment.

I forgot about all the energy and excitement in the air from the kids (and parents) being at a fancy hotel dressed up to the nines.

I forgot about how loud it could be in a huge ballroom with a high-ceiling and close to 800 people.

I forgot to go over what the evening would look like with Riley beforehand.

I forgot about the first dance until I saw the program on the table which in turn reminded me that…

I forgot to write up a visual schedule for Riley and...

I forgot to teach Riley HOW.TO. "DANCE"!

Considering all I had ummmm *cough* forgotten about, Riley did remarkably well and being out in the corridor with Riley where it was nice and quiet was a welcome break throughout the evening.  ;)

It is way past my bedtime so I hope you'll come back tomorrow to watch Riley walk across the stage and read about how we celebrated Riley turning 19.  

Until tomorrow...


  1. Your title. It's like you're in MY HOUSE! lol Tommy keeps making me reassure him that he's ALL DONE with school. I've started the SCHOOL'S OUT FOREVER method lmao!!! So funny.

    We didn't have nearly as much going on for graduation as you did.. Just a quick trip to the high school lobby, and Dairy Queen for dinner was it.

    But, last week when at the barber shop, one of the women in there (not Tommy's barber-she knew better) asks, with TONS of excitement... "OH!! Did you guys have a big party to celebrate!?!?" (that's the 'thing' people do here. Ginormous parties. *smh* She may as well taken those scissors and gutted me in the throat. Thankfully, Tommy's barber stepped in and told her she's an idiot lol (literally). I kept having to remind myself that "today is a HAPPY day.. not a sad day".. sometimes I get stuck on everything he's MISSING rather than what he's accomplished. *sigh*

    I love those pictures. Such a happy man <3

    1. I'm SO glad we are in this together! <3

  2. It looks like he had a great time, despite all you "forgot". Such a handsome boy you have there.

    1. I really think he did (all things considered). :D

      Thanks C! Di

  3. Awesome! He looks so handsome! It looks like he did really well!

    1. Thanks Stacey! "Really well"?!?!? OK...sure...let's go with that. :D