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Monday, 22 December 2014

All he wants for Christmas are the same DVDs!

For YEARS Riley was so NOT interested in Christmas, birthdays, the Easter bunny or any other special occasion. Sure we bought and wrapped gifts, hid eggs, and dressed him up in costumes that he would ummmm…tolerate. So WHY on earth did put ourselves through all that agony?!? I have absolutely no idea.

And then…about the time when kids stop believing in Santa or wanting to go hunting for eggs or wanting to go trick or treating…it happened.

It was Christmas Eve. Riley was around 10-11. We heard a sound coming from the other room. It sounded like…paper…being torn. We were most confused. There in the middle of the room was Riley ripping the paper off a present…for someone else.  :O

This year Christmas has been on Riley's mind for quite some time. First came the list. Then more lists with more items (all DVDs). I tried to explain to Riley that he already had most of the DVDs on his list so he may not get everything on his list. 

A few days later I noticed Riley “tidying” his room (although R’s definition of tidying and mine are not exactly the same). Then I found 'some' DVD's in my bathroom garbage. 65 to be exact! 

The next day I found 25 more and he probably still has ~50+ left. What the heck was going on?!?!

Now I am 99% sure there was absolutely nothing wrong with the MY eyes. There was, however, something not right with them in R's eyes.

You may be asking yourselves:

1)      Why does he have SO many DVDs?
2)      Are they all different?? 
3)      Where are the covers?

And of course the million dollar question…

4)      Why do you keep buying him the same DVDs over and over again?

Well to answer your questions:

1)      When Riley was little he asked for virtually nothing. So when he actually started asking for specific DVDs we were thrilled! Luckily for us most of the DVDs could be found in the $5 bin and so we made every effort to give him what he asked for (within reason).

2)      Of course not. There are multiple copies of the same DVD. Haaallooo!?!

3)      The covers have a shelf life of about 3 days. The plastic cover is ripped off within a day or two and the paper jacket stays intact for about 1 day before being torn apart and discarded in the nearest garbage. And no...I have absolutely no idea why he does this.

4)       Could you turn down this face???

3 more sleeps to go....


  1. I don't blame you one bit! I'll send up a little prayer for you that they keep selling the CDs on his list for years to come. :)

    1. Awww...thanks Chris!! I appreciate all the help we can get! :D Happy holidays to you and yours and I hope Santa is good to all of you!! DI

    2. Hahaa! --> "WHY on earth did put ourselves through all that agony?!? I have absolutely no idea." (Oh, so laughing with you, not at you!) ;)

      Solved the "you already have some of these" issue, didn't he??! Smart. :) If you can get the cases away before destruction sets in... recycle! You'd be all set for the next holiday! (K lets me give things she wants to destroy away to goodwill. She'll say, "other people love it.")

    3. :) Yes...I know you are laughing WITH me Tammy!

      He is a sneaky monkey alright. The old "if I don't have them anymore...I must need them" game. He's always one step ahead. :P

  2. I have the actual DVD - and the digital copy saved to my laptop often with my favourites. because you know I am just too lazy to walk down to the DVD storage cabinet and get the actual DVD to watch. ha.
    We also have original version, extended version, special director's cut, special boxed set edition of some too... oh my word. It can get quite DVD over crowded here too.

    1. I guess on the upside....DVD's are a whole lot smaller than VHS tapes! :O