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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Our 1st EVER Mall Santa Photo!!!

To be fair…J2 never wanted his picture taken with a mall Santa either. Sure we had one taken his first Christmas (he was almost 1) when he didn’t know any better.

Doesn't he look thrilled.
After that…NO WAY JOSE!  He would stand a good distance away and yell his ‘wish list’  (which consisted of Duplo and apple pears) to Santa. Oh how I wish his list was the same now.  *sigh*

So it was with great relief that we never had to think about taking Riley to sit on Santa’s knee. But…and there is always a but…back in the days when there was a company kids Christmas party complete with Santa and presents? Yah.  That.  J2 would bravely go up and sit on Santa’s knee. After all…there was a present involved. Riley?? Ummmmm…not so much.  

Age 3
Age 4 - The closest we got was the edge of the stage.
You may notice my teeth are clenched and I had the vise grip on R. ;)

Two years ago Riley surprised us. At his Special Olympics Christmas bowling night Santa made a surprise visit. G and I were naturally freaking out as R had never, EVER wanted to go near Santa. When they called his name we were prepared for him to refuse to go up. And then it happened. Riley bounded up out of his seat and onto Santa’s knee with THE biggest smile on his face. 

Never say never.

Today Riley and his cousin Sara went Christmas shopping together. I hinted to Sara that R may be willing to get his picture taken with Santa. Look what they brought home. LOOOOK!!!!!

My eyes...MY EYES!!!
I think I have something in MY EYES!!!
She said Santa was most impressed with Riley's Christmas list. Why yes. Of course he recited a number of his DVDs. Not his entire list but enough to impress Santa.  

Our SECOND Christmas Miracle!!  :D


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Christine!! I particularly like his natural smile. ;)

  2. Ha! Look at that smile! :) What a guy.... he sure does know how to keep you all guessing!

    -Lauren :)

    1. Oh yea....he definitely keeps us guessing but you know that!! Now if only he realizes that sticking out his neck doesn't get him closer to the camera. :P

  3. yeah mine are all the screaming child leaning as far away as possible from Santa too. I gave up.
    One year, my middle daughter sat on MRS Santa's knee. close enough.
    the only good one was my eldest - the boy - no way he was going to risk not getting what he wanted from Santa.

  4. Hahaha....funny isn't it. I'm thinking there are a LOT of kids who don't like getting their picture taken with the big guy in red yet....

    All the best to you and yours this holiday season Les!!! <3