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Saturday, 27 December 2014

Christmas 2014 is a Wrap!!!

So has everybody recovered from the copious amounts of food and drink consumed this past week or so? Moi??  Ummm…that would be no……a definite no. My lounge pants are no longer comfortable and even my skin hurts. This is not good. Not good at all.

This cartoon (shared on FB by my friend Danielle) pretty much sums it up only the date of the second picture is wrong! It should read 26 December. 

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This year Christmas in Riley World was filled with a number of “firsts”!  

  1. After the first couple of days Riley opened all the following days of his Advent calendar on his own. 

  2. Bringing up all the decorations.

  3. Actively taking part in decorating the tree.

  4. Getting his picture taken with a Mall Santa.

Come Christmas morning Riley waited patiently in his room until 9am!! No small feat considering he usually gets up before 5am. Santa delivered with 5 DVDs and a Birdo stuffie (a Nintendo Mario character). Most of the other items on his list were covered by family with the exception of one DVD, which was ordered but did not arrive in time.

By the time G and I got up on Friday the 26th, Riley had undecorated the tree all by himself. 

Obviously presents are done therefore Christmas must be finished.

Any evidence of Christmas was removed from his visual schedule as well. 

Now remember the one DVD that was on his list, that was ordered but did not arrive in time??  Guess what he put on his Birthday list which was started on…you got it…December 26th

His birthday is in June.  :(


  1. Never a dull moment in Riley world!
    And oh boy did I overheat this year, too.

    1. Got that right Christine although I know you can say the same. :D Oh and boy...I overheated too!! ;)

    2. Hahahahaha! Gotta like a good typo! :)

    3. Sorry...couldn't help myself as I am ALWAYS overheated! :'(

  2. I was actually pretty good this year with All The Food! I kept up with my workouts, except for the 24th and 25th, and probably consumed enough calories during those two days (mostly wine calories admittedly) to last me until Valentines. Then it was back to the work outs and eating just the odd short bread cookie at 2 am. :)
    OH!! I want that DVD too -- can't fault him there.

    1. Seriously you've been working out over the holidays??? You fitness freak!! :P

      Oh and just so you know....he already has a copy (or two) of this DVD. Don't even ask. :(