Menopausal mom to 2 young adult sons (one with ASD, ADHD, tic/seizure disorders and the other with attitude).

Friday, 12 February 2016

A Serious Lapse in Judgement

About a month ago I was driving home from a fitness class when I heard an ad on the radio to #LosetheBooze for the month of February to raise funds towards cancer research. For some reason this piqued my interest. Obviously I was delirious from my workout.

Then I thought I would propose this idea to my dragon boat team. We are all about supporting each other and doing things as a team. We could do this together! So I immediately sent out an email to rally my comrades. I knew not everybody would be in favour but I was sure a good number would be up for the challenge.

I could not believe the underwhelming response!  Everything from hysterical laughter to “Are you kidding me!” to “I would rather give up food”. WTH?!?!?

I did manage to rally a couple of team mates and J2. I'm paying out of pocket for J2 to join me. I'm a glutton for punishment.

It’s been 12 days. 278 hours. 16,680 minutes. Of course I’m counting!

It’s gone surprisingly smooth with the exception of a couple of ummm “moments”...both Riley World related. I know it is not an excuse. It is our reality. Yet there are still times when the stresses of life with autism can get so overwhelming I am ready to crack. And at those times I’ll admit, for me, a little adult beverage is enough to take the edge off.

So why the heck would I even contemplate such a stupid (“don’t say that word” *in Riley’s voice) idea??? I…I…I got nuthing.

Will I ever do this again?  HELL NO!  Once is most definitely enough. 

17 days and counting…


  1. I could easily do this... and that makes me very sad!! LOL
    With young kids still in the house, and a hubby away at work, I don't have that glass of wine once they are in bed like I did back in the single days. I just don't drink when I am alone with them - just a personal choice. But I MISS it indeed. One glass practically puts me right to sleep anymore - when did I become so Not Fun? ugh.

    1. As G would say...."I don't need to drink to have fun". That's his story anyways. ;) You...I'm sure you are still a ton of fun and responsible to boot. :D

  2. Wow! You gave up booze just as I was thinking about taking it up after prom dress shopping with my daughter! Aren't you glad February is a short month?!

    1. Not short enough....hahaha! It is a leap year ya know. ;)