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Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Want vs. Need

I know I said I would not speak of my #LosetheBooze Challenge anymore.

I lied.  Why??? 

Because on Thursday I am officially calling the Challenge OVER!!!  Why???

Because on Thursday I am going away on a girls weekend and well…DUH!!! 

I’ve thought about many things over the past 24 days, 3 weekends, 2 National Drink Days and 1 special occasion. Vodka, gin, wine to name a few.  :P  Believe it or not I even had an “Aha” Riley World moment.

My mother used to ask J2 when he was younger “Do you WANT it or do you NEED it?” Born during the Great Depression, she knew how to make that distinction.

Many times this past month, I could not help myself from thinking about the number of days I had left before I would be done with this stupid idea Challenge. It started off as the odd thought. Some days I thought about it when 5 o’clock somewhere rolled around. Who am I kidding. That happened almost every day. ;)  Then there were times when I obsessed about it…if for no other reason than the fact that I could not have it (much like food and dieting for me). Basically…I just wanted this Challenge to be done. And counting down the days helped me realize there was an end to all this madness.

That’s when it hit me. My obsessing over the number of days I had left just might be what it is like for Riley when he can’t stop talking/asking about the same thing over and over and over again. Makes sense right?? 

Only for Riley, his is more of a need than a want. Not always but many times. Because communication is difficult for him, he uses what he knows (repeating himself over and over and over again) in order to reassure himself that something will/won't happen which, in turn, provides a sense of comfort and security for him.

Sure there are times I feel like I need an adult beverage. The stresses of Riley World sometimes take a toll on me. But for the most part…I’ll admit…I just want one. I mean really, REALLY WANT one!

 See you next week!!!


  1. Have a great time on your girls getaway :)

  2. I really want one!!! Half way through the 21 day challenge!!
    Does beer go with cake? ha.
    Have FUN!!!

    1. Anything goes with cake! Especially beer. :D

  3. You did better than me. I lasted five days on my attempt to give up Candy Crush for Lent. Have a fun weekend!

    1. Ouuuuu....Candy Crush...I think that would almost be harder than adult beverages for me. Almost. :P

  4. Picture this. You me Tommy and R.. in a restaurant. We'd be so busy finishing dialogue for the repetitive talking.. I don't think we'd ever exchange a sentence lmao! So glad that challenge is over. I'd rather be waterboarded lol

    1. OMG...never again will I do such a stupid challenge!! WTH was I thinking?!?!?

      Good thing we weren't at a restaurant together last month. Baahaahaa!!!