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Friday, 11 November 2011

Our Fairy Godmother

Wikipedia’s (“disambiguation” whatever that is!?!?) definition of a Fairy Godmother is a fairy who acts as a mentor or guardian for a young person.”   

Our Fairy Godmother (“FG”) came to us disguised as R’s first SEA (Special Education Assistant).  We met her when R started kindergarten and she stayed with us for an unheard of 7 years.  This was due in part to some health issues that had come up. 

I don’t know if she was meant to be Riley’s FG or mine.  For whatever reason, she became and still is an extended member of our family.  I often refer to her as Riley’s second mother.  I’m sure she often felt like she was beating her head against a wall (especially in those early years).  “He’s extremely bright you know.  Do you really think he needs to go on community outings?” or “What do you mean by make it meaningful?”   Oish.   

Without her extreme patience, gentle persistence and most of all sense of humour…Riley would not be the person he is today. 

Thank you Fairy Godmother!

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