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Monday, 7 November 2011


What happened to that cute little boy with the chubby cheeks, button nose and skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom?  HE TURNED 16, that’s what! 

It started slowly and suddenly overnight…BAM!  Zits…and not just the kind that you can cover up with Clearasil.  Noooooooooo.  They’re the ones that appear like you have a growth on the side of your face that when you touch, a sharp shooting pain goes through your entire body like 1000V of electricity and the roots grow right out through your toes.  You know the ones I mean.  “They” tell you to leave them alone and not to “pop” them.  Oh sure…let’s just have R go to school with a third head which of course he would since it doesn’t bother him. 

What most of us did in private as a teen becomes a family affair at our house.  No, I don’t mean THAT, I’m talking about the zits.  Geeez.  R is extremely intuitive, almost like he has a sixth sense.  You could tell by his body language he knew something was up.  I’m pretty sure it had nothing to do with the hazmat suit that I was wearing but you never know?!?!? 

We’re in the bathroom and “the” scene from Kindergarten Cop (see posting Age Appropriate Movies) is being re-enacted over and over and loud enough that I’m pretty sure I’ve lost most of the hearing in my left ear.  G is being totally ineffective trying to console R.  *sigh*  Still…I persevere.  Ready…set…squeeeeeeeeze!  Ahhh at last…the right side of his face is beginning to reappear.  Good enough.  I think we’ll leave the blackheads for another day.  Grooaaaan….

Isn’t growing up fun?!?!?

Think about it…D

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