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Saturday, 19 November 2011

"Something Different!!!"

I’ve been a little preoccupied this past week with a “paying” job!  Sure cuts into my “me” time.  Tee hee.  Anyways, I’m sure you were curious to see what was going to be different this week.  Perhaps some type of interactive game?  3D movie?? or even better…a “different” look???  So as not to disappoint, I went with the “different” look!!!

Why the big to-do about “something different”?  Well when R was younger, anything “new and different” in Riley World was usually cause for a valium and magnum of wine in my world.  While most kids love getting new things and being surprised at birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion…Riley…not so much.  So I’m sure you can imagine just how excited he would be when a “surprise” fire drill would happen at school.  Not a pretty sight. 

One of the many strategies FG introduced us to was a visual schedule using PCS (Picture Communication Symbols – an example being the picture in the previous post).  This worked particularly well with R.  He’s had a visual schedule at home since early elementary school and it still has its place on our fridge.  He has innate hearing for ripping Velcro and will drop everything and come running from anywhere in the house.  Heaven forbid you try and change it without him knowing and one of the reasons no one in our house wears any type of Velcro shoes. 

As R’s gotten older and has experienced more “new and different” things, his ability to cope with “something different” has increased considerably.  Preparation is key even though, as with anything, things can go sideways at the most unexpected time only thankfully now...not nearly as often. 

Something to think about…D

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