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Monday, 12 December 2011

Christmas comes Early in Riley World...

It’s less than 2 weeks to Christmas and R’s portable DVD player has stopped working.  R can be very hard on DVD players (portable or otherwise) and particularly on the remote controls.  It's hard to believe he has difficulty with his fine motor skills when you consider the accuracy required to rewind to the exact same spot or at least within one nanosecond in order to watch the same 3 second sequence over and over again. 

Of course he hasn’t mentioned it’s not working.  The last time he came to tell us his DVD player was broken, we “fixed it” using duct tape (thanks to Uncle Stoo).  Hey…it was only about a month old at the time and just the hinge was broken. 

FYI…duct tape doesn’t last forever.  I found this out when I discovered R’s DVD player propped up against the dresser leg.  Part of me felt bad that he had to do that to watch anything and then I thought…how smart am I!  I’d, albeit unknowingly, presented R with an opportunity to practice his problem-solving skills and he passed with flying colours!  Gosh I’m he’s amazing…tee hee.

Luckily we always have a “spare” player on hand.  I was planning on wrapping it up as one of his Christmas presents (even R can only act so surprised after the 6th package of Mr. Noodles). 

Guess I’ll have to spring for another box of Cheerios.  *sigh*  D

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