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Thursday, 8 December 2011

That "Special" Toy...

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew just what toy/item your child was going to get attached to?  You know…that one and only thing that will calm them down when they’re upset.  The ‘can’t go to sleep without it’ but you never realized just how attached he was to it until after you get home and remember you forgot it at grandma’s and have to drive back across town to get it because he’s been asking for it for over 45 minutes and you know he’s never going to go to sleep until he gets his hands on it ‘thing’!  Auuugghh…sorry about that.       

I remember mine was a “softy dolly”.  J1 & J2 had “blankies”.  You would find it either crumpled up in a ball under their pillow or under their comforters crammed in at the foot of their bed when they decided it was too babyish to have any more.  Sound familiar???

R’s was a Fisher Price floppy puppy that his Auntie ‘Froody’ (as J2 called her) gave him his first Christmas.  You’ve heard of the saying “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”.  Ha…I was no fool…I was going to be proactive.  Before puppy disintegrated any further, I went on the hunt for a backup.  Are you laughing hysterically or just feeling sorry for me about now???  After searching all the toy departments and stores around the city and the Fisher Price website, I had my first experience with ebay.  I could hardly believe my luck when after only a few searches…up it popped…’PUPPY’!!!  You’d have thought I’d won the lotto I was soooo excited!  R would be thrilled.  I was sure of it.  After all he carried puppy everywhere!  You know where this is going right? 

Let’s just say that the original puppy is literally hanging on by a thread and still keeping company with R. 

Happy Shopping!   D

PS…Obviously the parent who sold ‘puppy’ on ebay had been looking for a backup and failed miserably too. 

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