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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Random Thoughts...

Not sure whether it’s just the time of year when there are lots of things going on but lately I have been asking myself a lot of questions of no particular importance or relevance.  Then I had an epiphany...what better way to get some answers than through my blog. 

Random Thought #1:  “Why do they have to put green flecks in seasoning packets?”

Has anybody else wondered why there are “green” flecks in seasoning packets?  In particular instant noodles (chicken-flavoured), chicken noodle soup or even chicken bouillon.  I’m sure it happens in beef or veggie flavoured items as well but those are of no concern to me as I don’t buy those flavours.  R only eats chicken flavoured things.  

Why green???  I don’t recall seeing anything green on chickens…at least not on the outside.  Is it supposed to be some type of dark green veggie substitute?  If so…how many green flecks make up 1 serving of vegetables???  Why are the green flecks all different sizes?  I mean why not make them all the same size…uh that would be large as in large enough so you can pick them out easily; large enough so they don’t slip through the sieve you use to catch those little suckers before they appear in R’s bowl.  Lastly…why not make them a less obvious colour?  I’m pretty sure it’s not a “natural” green seasoning. 

Thought…comments…anyone???  D


  1. Interesting random thought! I've never thought much about those "green flecks" but now that you mention it, my kids don't like them either. They certainly don't add nutritional value so the producers must think they add visual appeal? sort of like parsley, it makes things look good and it's cheap.

  2. Ahhhh yes...the ol' cheap add on for effect angle. Another source mentioned they were dried green onions which would at least be an attempt towards a serving of veggies. A couple more things to ponder. :) Thanks!

  3. Great to hear things haven't changed, and the sieve is still the trusty kitchen appliance it was when I hung out with R :)


  4. Hey Lauren! Yes, some things never change...only need to be replaced every now and then. *sigh*