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Monday, 28 October 2013

10 Trappings of Modern Life...
#Monday Listicles

It has been a while since I have written a Monday Listicles post. Actually it has been a while since I have blogged much about anything except Operation IFO.

Stasha’s list had me nodding my head in agreement. Did you read the nun comment??? It gave me a good chuckle.   
10 Trappings of Modern Life…ahhh yes. A topic near and dear to my heart especially since I appear to be at the point in my life where saying “I remember when…” is happening waaaay too often these days. So let’s take a walk down my memory lane shall we.

1.      Cellphones. The terms “can not be reached” or “out of touch” or “unavailable” are almost obsolete. 
I remember when…once upon a time you left the house and had to hope for the best until you made it back home.

2.      Cellphones. Fewer and fewer people have landlines anymore. 
I remember when…phones were attached to walls and the handset was attached to the base with a curly cord. You could not walk more than about 10 feet from the base and if you were lucky you had a private line as opposed to a “party line”.

3.      Cellphones. Who needs a camera anymore? For non-professional photos, camera phones are pretty awesome these days. You have all seen the amazing photos that Stasha takes on her iPhone right? 
I remember when…you had to wait weeks or sometimes months to develop a roll of film only to find one useable photo in 36!  Gah!

4.      Cellphones. Texting…THE mode of communication for many parents/kids…me included. 
I remember when…the moms in the neighbourhood would yell from the back porch when it was time for dinner/bedtime. If you weren’t within earshot then you had better be home when the street lights went on or else!    

5.      Cellphones. I remember when…they were considered a luxury.

Enough about cellphones already. Let’s see what else I can rant about…

6.      Driving kids to school. Again…I get it. I did it too. 
I remember when…parents felt safe enough to let their kids walk to school on their own. Even at 6:30 in the morning…for basketball practice…in the dark…all by herself. I may be a little scarred. 

7.      Drive-thru’s. For food, banking, drugs, almost anything. While I do see the necessity for a Starbuck’s Drive-thru…after all you can not leave your #theyvefinallygonetosleep kidlets in the car by themselves. 
I remember when…there were only Drive-Ins. What are Drive-Ins??? Oh. Nevermind.

8.      Banking. Today a person rarely has to set foot in an actual bank. 
I remember when…you had to physically go to a bank, fill out a piece of paper, wait in line, and then see a real, live person before getting any money AND if you did not have cash you more than likely had to stay home.

9.      Fast food restaurants. They are everywhere! Meals on the go for families on the go. Convenience in a bag. Do I need to keep going?? 
I remember when…KFC was called Kentucky Fried Chicken and you could get a meal at McDonald’s with change back from a single dollar. Gas stations were more visible than fast food restaurants and eating out only happened on special occasions.

10.    I think I need to stop now. While some things have definitely made life easier, others...I am not so sure?!? 

What do you think???


  1. This is awesome! I am now the person who says, Well, it used to be...The worst is when I have to say that to people who have kids the same age as my little boys. That's when I REALLY feel old!

    Your cellphones list cracked me up! True from top to bottom.

    Oh, the bus drop-offs make me crazy. Kids who live 2 houses away from each other can't get dropped off at the same stop. I do believe the world has gone a tad overboard.

    Gotta say, the online banking is quite handy. Although, I do miss the cookies our bank leaves out for customers. :)

    1. I banking/ATM's are definitely handy! Although I still have to take my mom once a month to get her passbook updated. :P

  2. So True! I tell my daughter all about "the old days" even though they don't seem old to me... Oh my, I sound like my mother!!

    1. Welcome. The gap between my mom and me keeps shrinking. *sob sob*

  3. I love that the first five are cell phones! And convenience in a bag has a LOT to do with the obesity rate in this country. Just sayin'. I should stop before I get myself in trouble.

    1. Won't get in trouble here...sadly you're absolutely right. :(