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Monday, 21 October 2013

Another #Operation IFO Movie...

My sister asked me the other day what would happen if I did not sit with Riley during Operation IFO. I had to agree after watching the video, me sitting there not conversing or making eye contact did look a little silly yet I knew what would happen if Riley was left to his own devices.

I decided, since being described as “stealth” by my friend Christine, to get yet another meal on tape. Keep in mind I am not a professional videographer. As a matter of fact I turned the camera off by accident which is not a bad thing since you probably have better things to do than watch 3 minutes of Riley trying to chock down a hotdog.

So instead a little rundown of what happened before I realized I had switched off the camera and an explanation of the conversation during the video:

·         Riley ate about 3 bites of his hotdog before beginning to dissect it. After all, the bun has a top and bottom and as such should be eaten as separates…not together. He quickly tried to assemble what was left (half of the bottom and half of the wiener) when I appeared. 
·         Riley tried to change the subject as soon as I asked if he “was eating his hotdog nicely” (off camera). Oh he is smooth alright. Very smooooth.

Earlier that morning Riley had hit his knee on the doorframe as he was running into the rec room. He hit it hard! I was coming down the stairs with a load of laundry. I heard and could feel it. OUCH!!! He immediately looked over at me slightly shocked. Being the caring mother that I am…I made no eye contact (do you notice a pattern here???) and carried on to the laundry room casually asking “what happened?” as I walked. 

R:    Nothing?!?
Me:  I gave him a chance to regroup before going in. Are you ok??
R:    Yea.  (rubbing his knee)
Me:  Did you hurt your knee?
R:   OUCH!!!  (eyes watering; slams his hand on the desk)
Me:  (rubbing his knee)  I bet that hurt. Did you hit your knee on the door? 
R:   I BANGED my knee! Oh dear. (wiping tears from his eyes)
Me:  Ouch! That hurt! Are you ok?
R:   THAT HURT! (slamming his hand on the desk again)
Me:  You’ll be ok. What would make it feel better?
R:   I’ll be ok. I need a band-aid.
Me: Sure. Let’s go get a band-aid.
R:   Ohhh-kay.  (relieved and somewhat content)

FYI…there were no cuts, scrapes or abrasions yet with the application of a band-aid…all is right in Riley World. *Phew*

·         Riley associates getting hurt to an episode of Caillou. Yes R still remembers Caillou much to our dismay. When I say he repeats things…well…see for yourself.
·         That thing he flips over his shoulder…his beloved Puppy.

So the moment you have all been waiting for...

Have yourself a great week!


  1. OH NO!!! Poor guy!!! I hope his knee is better. Oh that sucks. Tommy is so accident prone lately it kinda worries me. Funny how a band aid cures all huh? ;)

    The repetitive ... omg Tommy's is almost exact. Sometimes I want to shove as much cotton into my ears as

    I LOVE these videos!!! :)

    1. I knew you would relate to the repetitive talking. ;)

      Never forget the time R came down with a band-aid on his upper lip. Think it was a zit. I almost exploded trying not to laugh. :D

  2. OOh, that knee slamming had to hurt. I wonder if the person who invented Band-aids knew the magical powers his invention possessed.
    Who fell off his bike?
    And hey, Riley puts his plate away when he's done!

    1. Got THAT right! I could just feel it!!! I knew if I looked though, it would've been 10 times harder to recover. :(

      Caillou fell off his bike. If you haven't heard of Caillou...consider yourself blessed. I swear that show is the bane of parents everywhere!!!

      Yes! Unlike his older 'typical' brother *oish*...Riley puts HIS dishes in the dishwasher when he's done. :D

    2. M is a band-aid hoarder....ever since she was sick and in the hospital back in '10...I think if she were NT she would be a nurse...she goes around wanting to put band-aids on everyone else's

    3. I have to hide all the band-aids too! Would find a bunch of wrappers and no band-aids when I needed them. Haha!

  3. Band-aids always worked in our house too! Lindsey came over last week with at least seventeen wrapped around her fingers. She had been pulling the skin around her fingernails. I was amazed she could get that many band-aids on one hand.

    You did good mom. If I heard the hit like you did, I probably would have dropped the laundry basket and run to help. You handled it much, much better. We could all learn from you.

    P.S. I want to thank you (so very much) for sharing Lindsey and Nick's Marriage Advice on twitter. I really appreciate it. I loved their (very wise) advice and am thrilled others enjoyed it too. Happy Wednesday!

    1. Must be a visual thing with the band-aids huh? That's too cute about Lindsey's fingers. :)

      I thoroughly enjoyed Lindsey & Nick's video!!! Made my morning! Was more than happy to share. :D