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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It’s been one of “THOSE” days!!!

Today has been an autism kinda day in Riley World. What do I mean by that???  Well after a few other "incidents" we had this little conversation:

R:  It’s missing.
Me:  What’s missing?
R:  One is missing.
Me:  One what??
R:  Mr. Noodles. One is gone.
Me:  ?!?!?  Where?
R:  Downstairs.
Me:  Show me.
Off we go. 

Yes there are 5 boxes of Mr. Noodles.
Yes that is 60 packages.
No this is not unusual. Sometimes there are even more. 
I buy the boxes in multiples of 4 for a discount.

If you will notice...there are only 11 packages in this box.

Let me explain. R likes to have 2 servings (2 packs per serving) of Mr. Noodles every night after his shower. Routine. Habit. Whatever. As long as he ate, G made them. We started to cut back to 1-1/2 packs per serving as R started leaving a fair amount untouched. G would "hide" the extra packs in the corner cabinet and make up boxes downstairs and add the made-up boxes to the pile. I know what you're thinking. How could G be so stupid as to only put 11 packs in the box!?!   ;P  

I am not sure how long or when Riley noticed that one package was missing but today was the day that he let me know it was missing. Can you spot the box with the missing package???

How about now???
Much easier to spot in this picture don't you think?
The angle is much better.

Whaaaat??  You can't spot it?!?!? 


Let me help you...

Now if you'll excuse hell with "W.O.W." (aka Wine on Weekends). Pour me a bottle...or three.  


  1. I'd just drink it out of the bottle after that. I even enlarged it and couldn't see it lol Wow.. amazing what these guys will pull on us. I imagine G will be punished, no? lol

    1. Right??? *smh* I...I...just couldn't deal with it today. *sob sob* ;)

  2. Hah! A great plan gone awry. And you said?! Hope you took that back to the store immediately. Make "them" get it right. :) ...such an observant guy. Truly impressive!!

    1. Oh the store had it right...G....ummmmm...that would be a big, fat, "NO"!!!!! I think he noticed when we were doing laundry today. Whenever...he was one cranky bear today! :(

  3. I wasn't thinking about how stupid G was. I was thinking what a great guy he is for going to all that trouble in the first place. And, yes, I, too, spotted the missing Mr. Noodle when you did the second angle. It is quite noticeable. I'm not kidding! It is!
    I'm sorry you had such a rough day. Drink up!

    1. If you don't be careful...G will be recruiting you for President of his wannabe fanclub. ;P

      I'm not sure if that's a good thing that you noticed in the second pic too?!?!? Actually....I could spot it too although I did know which one it was. Ha!

  4. That is exactly the kind of thing my Fab Hub would do - whatever it takes. Impressive that R. spotted that. I so would've missed it. Pretty sure the only reason I found it was the big circles you put there!

    Sorry you had a tough day - enjoy the wine. Slug from the bottle, use a straw - whatever!

    1. Haahaa....thanks Lisa! I did. I kid. I had a martini instead. ;P

  5. I couldn't see it. not until I enlarged.
    I must need more wine :)

    1. I'm blaming it on R doing the laundry. He had to walk by the pile of noodles. See...there's an upside to doing things ourselves. ;)