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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wrapping Up Christmas 2013

Finally! As of yesterday Christmas was officially over in our house. Granted Christmas was finished in Riley World on January 2nd…hey undecorating the tree is just the tip of the iceberg.

Ummmmm....yah...thanks Ri.

So just to bring a little blog closure to 2013…here was how our December went down.

December 2nd:  Tree decorating. First time EVER that Riley wanted to “participate” in decorating the tree…sorta. R did not want to touch or place any decorations on the tree. However he was a very good director and G was a very good placer

December 8th:  My mom treated my sister, R and me to Odysseo by Cavalia

R slept through the entire first half. He woke up at intermission and was ready to leave. We didn’t. He proceeded to whine through most of the second half. The conversation on the way out:
R: That was fun!!
Gma: Did you enjoy that Riley?
R: Yes grandma. I enjoyed that.
Auntie S: Did you like it Riley?
R: Yes Auntie S...I liked it.
Oh really.  *smh* 

December 12-14th:  Since we are on a “gap year” in Riley World we decided to take to the air/road. The three of us (J2 is not on a gap year therefore had to stay home and work…boo hoo) decided to head south for some sun and fun just before Christmas. First stop was Viva Las Vegas. It was National Rodeo week and J1 was playing so what better excuse than to go see him.

December 14-19th:  We headed west to sunny and warmer Palm Springs for 5 nights. We have some very generous friends who let us stay at their home away from home. My cousin/husband joined us for the weekend and G got in 4 rounds of golf while R and I lazed around the pool. 

December 23rd:  Riley got his first ride in an ambulance. That was fun. NOT! Since this is an entire blog post in itself…here are the Coles notes: he almost passed out; he has a history of seizures (although he has never had a grand mal); I was alone with him; I panicked; after 2-1/2 hours in emergency we came home and he slept for the next 15 hours. He was better by Christmas morning.

December 25th Christmas dinner at my sister’s. A deeeeeelicious turkey dinner was enjoyed by all. Well. Almost all of us.   

December 26th:  A fatality in Riley World. After the discovery of R’s beloved Puppy’s remains and a day of shock and dismay (mine), we celebrated the life of Puppy

December 30th:  Santa surprised G and sent him back with J1 to his new home in Nashville for 5 days. I'm not sure who was more excited about that...G or me?!?  I kid...I KID!!!  

2014 has already seen some changes in Riley World that I am excited to share with you. Here’s to more forward than backward steps and as always wine laughs, lots and lots of wine laughs.

Cheers!!!  Di


  1. What a December! I'm glad Riley's seizure was not any worse than it was, and glad that new puppy has made the cut. And I'm jealous about the whole Nashville thing. I lived there for almost 10 years and miss it terribly! Ih, and I love the video of Riley at Christmas dinner!

    1. December was a whirlwind of activity alright. :) G really, REALLY enjoyed Nashville!! Sounds like a great place to live.

  2. You had a busy month. Glad that R is okay. I would have freaked!
    My Christmas tree is still up. still decorated. If I wake up feeling better tomorrow, I will get it done.
    Or, we'll just leave it up for Valentines. :)

    1. It really did freak me out especially since I was alone with him. Eeep!

      Just throw some red hearts on the tree and you'll be good for Valentine's. :)

  3. smh.. ambulance!?! Oh goodness. I know i've not been on here much but we need to catch up!!! This month has been crazy busy. Day 3 of wanting to remove Christmas and not having the umph! to do it.

    1. Crazy is right! We've been like two ships in the night...crossing paths. :( Talk soon. D