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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Operation IFO Outtakes

Last week I posted two more Operation IFO videos and mentioned having some “Ah-Ha” moments while watching them. I was going to explain. Really. I was. 

Of course...I didn’t.

I thought that would be the end of it. It wasn’t.

My friend Christine has been a great supporter of Operation IFO. Being an educator and a non-special needs parent; I value her interest and comments. Well…up until her last one that is.  :P  In a nutshell she was curious as to what my “Ah-Ha” moments were. And since she was such a good sport to do a follow-up post on her blog for a fellow commenter…how could I not do the same for her.

I got into it. I was going to explain all about communication in Riley World. I was linking to definitions/terms, blog posts and articles. It was going to be an eye-opening and insightful piece. Then I remembered. I don’t do insightful and eye-opening pieces. What was I thinking?!?!

So...sorry Christine. I…I…could not put into words my Ah-Ha moments in any sort of clear or coherent explanation what-so-ever. Obviously communication challenges just don’t happen in Riley World.  :(

Instead while I was going through all my video clips I decided to make a video montage of our journey in Operation IFO to date. 

I present to you...Operation IFO: Outtakes!!

 If you can't see the here.

How on earth I have survived...I will never know?!?  :)


  1. Oh, so much more fun than an insightful and eye-opening piece!! "Let me SHOW you how I'm feeling" ...e-p-I-c. Hahahahah! Best laugh of the day.

    1. Glad you liked it! :) Insightful and eye-opening is just waaaay too much work for my old brain...especially after watching this! Haahaa!

  2. ha! oh that pounding on the table.

    1. The pounding/slapping isn't nearly as loud on tape as in person. I don't know how it doesn't hurt. :O