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Monday, 18 January 2016

Even the Ducks Stayed Home...

Today Riley and I headed up for another day of snowshoeing. Not to worry…you are not going to have to endure a weekly update. Well…I hope not. But since I’m trying to get back into the groove of blogging you’re going to have to work with me here.

Last Sunday was one of the best days you could ask for. The sun was out, it was warm and if you’ll remember…I even put my snowshoes on the right feet.  Go me!

Today…ummmm…not so much. It was socked in and rainy and snowy and well…a day that I should have sent G. 

When we arrived it was raining. Not drizzling or spitting but full on raining. As soon as we got off the bus…

R:  It’s too wet to go snowshoeing.
Me:  *starts walking to the rental office*
R:  I’m scared of the rain.
Me:  *keeps walking ahead of R*
R:  *follows close behind muttering away*

We got to the rental office and I immediately started to read anything and everything in sight so as to avoid all eye contact with R. I could feel his eyes on me waiting to pounce but I maintained my ground and continued reading with glazed eyes the instructions on how to fill out the rental form.

We got our snowshoes and headed over to get snowshoed up. R was hanging in there. Barely.

It started to snow. With the rain. Oh joy. 

R:  It’s TOO SNOWY to go warm-up!
Me:  It’s snowing alright.
R:  I should go home!!
Me:  Sorry buddy…the bus is gone.
Me:  Yup.

This right here is the reason we ride the bus. We have no choice but to stay. R knows this and more importantly “I” know this which helps keep my whining to a minimum.  *sobs softly*

As they started their warm-up, I watched as Riley repeatedly tried to "wipe" the rain off his jacket. When R was little, the rain didn’t bother him at all. As he has got older it became an issue. He went through a phase where even a few drops of rain on his clothes meant having to change. “I’M ALL WET!” He would screech if a few drop of rain got on his shoes. “MY SHOES ARE ALL WET!!”  He did not want to walk through wet grass. “THE GRASS IS TOO WET!!!” The list goes on and on. I knew this could go sideways at any moment. So I did the obvious and stood as far away as possible at a distance.

My hopes of avoiding the rain among the trees were crushed within 10 steps. There would be no reprieve. By the time we got back down the mountain (1 hr 20 min later) I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a speck of dry clothing on anyone.

Picture proof that looks can be deceiving…R was definitely NOT happy! 

The "best" part of the day…riding home on a school bus with 40 soaking wet adults while trying to rip/tear/gnaw off the trail ticket from R's jacket before he went into full-blown meltdown mode. Just in case you needed to know why I drink.  :D


  1. I could not be more impressed with you all. Not a chance in this world I would have gone on a day like that.
    Sounds like you have learned a lot over the years in Riley World.
    That photo is so funny. It looks like he is trying so hard to be happy. :) Is it just in him to smile when you take his photo, regardless of how he really feels?

    1. Right??? I can't believe they didn't cancel or at least cut the day short. ;) are right...regardless how he feels he will try and "smile" (even if through gritted teeth) for the camera. :P

  2. I can't believe they didn't cancel - that's just not nice weather at all. You're supposed to enjoy Nature - not have it soak you! ha.
    What a good sport to "smile" so nicely for you. Sorry it was less than perfect, but I still love your adventures together. :)

    1. Unfortunately it was ok at our house otherwise I would've definitely bailed. :) If this happens again...I will be calling home to get picked up. Ha!