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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Snowshoeing Season Started Today...

Today was the first day of the 2016 Special Olympics Snowshoe season and Riley and I were there. Well…in body. Having to leave the house at 7:30am on a Sunday morning…yea…that. And of course we had to rouse Riley at 7:15!  He who every. other. single. morning. gets up at 5AM sharp!!!

I am happy to say that I remembered there is indeed a left and right snowshoe and put them on accordingly. Sorry. Forgot to take photo proof. While not quite as bad as wearing shoes on the wrong feet…the straps do get in the way and seasoned snowshoers can spot a newbie within a 10 mile radius. I noticed at least a half-dozen people wearing them on the wrong feet.  ;)

What I did not learn from last time was what not to wear when going snowshoeing. A puffy coat and a super-duper neck wrap are not conducive to slogging up blue and black diamond trails when one is prone to hot flashes. Note to self…wear light layers next week.

What I did remember from last time…Riley can go like stink, never get winded and is therefore put in the long-legged “guys” group who like to go to the blue and black diamond trails. *sob sob*

And last but not least by any means…Riley did not utter “I’ll be whining” once. Shocking I know! Third season lucky??? Yup…I’m going with that. 


  1. Nice job! Snowshoeing AND writing a post. :)
    I can't believe that as a Canadian, you didn't know about the layering to stay warm. Ah well. You've learned another valuable lesson. One of these days, you'll look like a real pro!
    Yay Riley! No whining is awesome!

    1. Why thank you. :)

      Hahaha....I think depending on where you live in Canada it makes a difference. We live where it's a "damp" cold so it's basically all or nothing. Well...that's the excuse I'm going with. ;)

  2. Hey good job - you're on time!!! Cheers! LOL
    I love that you two do this. It seems like such fun and a great way to spend some time together.