Menopausal mom to 2 young adult sons (one with ASD, ADHD, tic/seizure disorders and the other with attitude).

Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Perils of Perseveration

Perseveration is Riley World’s middle name. So “What’s the deal with perseveration?” Well…click on the red words (if you’re reading from my blog) or the blue words (if you’re reading in an email) for a great reader-friendly explanation from my friend Bec.  I’ll wait. *whistling*

Yesterday Riley came downstairs quite distressed about his underwear. His white and grey underwear to be exact. Apparently the night before while getting dressed after his shower, he noticed a teeny-weeny hole just under the waistband. “It’s broken!”  But…he put them on anyways. Shocking. I. Know.

This is what happened to that teeny-weeny hole by morning…

Yup…less than half the underwear was attached to the elastic waistband. He had put what was left of this pair in his laundry basket.

Now typically when R ummmm “rips” his clothes it is due to stress/anxiety. Only took me about 3 years and 87 shirts to figure THIS one out.  If you follow us on Facebook, this will not come as a surprise. Photo proof…

What he looked like when we picked him up one day.
Yes...he was wearing the shirt at the time. 

No...he was not wearing these shirts at the time.

Other times it is because he can’t leave something (a loose thread, a teeny-weeny hole or any one of 1,067 reasons) alone. It bothers him to a point of no return. In this case…the teeny-weeny hole in his underwear. OR…just maybe…he wanted thong underwear instead of his usual boxer briefs. Yea…I’m not buying that either.   

Needless to say R was stressed out about getting some new white underwear. Today. He would have preferred right then and there but we agreed that I would try and find some while he was at his program.

So now the detective work began. Where did I originally buy those particular white and grey underwear??  Because…of course…being a seasoned autism mom…I had cut out ALL identifying labels. I really need to stop being so efficient. ;)  Lucky for me…no-name or generic brands usually mean either Wal-Mart or Superstore.

I managed to find some similar white underwear at Superstore. Not exactly the same but all that they had. As soon as I got home Riley came running down and looked in the bags. I held my breath and showed him the underwear. He eyed them up. I continued to hold my breath. He looked at me. I started to get dizzy. He looked back at the underwear and that’s when I blurted out “These underwear look different but they are just bigger than your other ones and we need to wash them and then they’ll be the same.”  R looked at me and said “Where’s the grey ones?” I don't remember what happened after that.  


  1. Good thing you have a wicked sense of humor. Me thinks it is what has gotten you through the years. In addition to the alcohol. :)
    Glad you are writing again!

    1. :D Laughter is a must in Riley World. Of course...alcohol helps.

  2. Hahaaha!! Oooh, I feel your pain! And I really want to know how you recovered from "where's the grey ones?" :D

    Tiny holes are a problem in Kirsten's world too (of course!) Clothes, blankets, pillow cases *gasp!* would be thrown away or I'd have to sew them up *immediately.* :| Until the day I told her, "Don't worry, it's just loved!" and it actually worked! She'll bring said item to me, repeating about there being a hole and that it's okay because "it's just loved." However, my tiny-hole-induced PTSD still lingers. O_o

    1. Ha! Of course they are. "It's just loved"...LOVE it! So, SO much autism-related PTSD isn't there.

      I told him they didn't have any and that I would keep looking. He replied in his sad voice with "they're sold out". That caught me by surprise to say the least.

    2. "They're sold out." Wow! He handled that so well!! Found his own acceptable issue? That deserves a reward... you'd better keep looking. :P

    3. Gee...come to think of it he hasn't mentioned it again. Yet. ;) I'm afraid to ask (that autism-related PTSD) how the new white ones are working out. No news is good news right???

  3. I love your sense of humour and how you approach everything.
    The idea that the store I purchase my sons black socks at ever should stop selling them - sends me into a panic. Not because HE has to have them - I NEED them. Because they all match. If you lose one? Bingo - just put it with this exact one! And they stand out easily among all his sisters pink ones. ha.

    1. That's EXACTLY what I did with both boys. They each had their separate "brand/style" but I only bought socks that were ALL.THE. SAME. so no need to match socks. We're brilliant!! ;)