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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bowling Playoffs...the Finale!

Riley’s first season of Special Olympics 5-Pin Bowling came to a close tonight and what a season it was. If you have a special needs child/teen/adult it is a wonderful organization to be a part of. I can not say enough good things about our experience.

When Riley was younger the idea of joining “team/organized” sports without a support person (or with me or G) was not in the cards. The stress was frankly more than any of us (ok...mostly G...I'm KIDDING...geeez) wanted to deal with at the time. Now-a-days, although at times still ummmm tense, Riley has enjoyed putting on his team bowling shirt and cheering on his team mates as well as fellow bowlers every Thursday night.

And thank goodness for volunteer coaches and scorekeepers…especially when they are young, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Fair Maidens. *wink*  Remember R is almost 19.  :)

Riley started the season being able to handle playing only 2 of the 3 games with scores of 90 and 40. Eeep…it was a little rough in the beginning. Even though it was stressful for him that first night his enthusiasm (as evidenced by his now famous spin-o-rama/happy dance after a strike) shone through.

He ended the season tonight bowling a 121, 166 and 163 with a season high score of 242 (which included 5 strikes IN.A.ROW) and one other game over 200. Not too shabby for his first season.

Next up…Special “O” Bocce Ball and Golf and Challengers Baseball. Looks like we may end up with an athlete in the family after all.  Foooooore!!!


  1. Wow, great season for Riley! sounds like he's going to have a very busy spring!

    1. Yup...whether he likes it or not. Haaahaaa!

  2. SWEET!!!! That sounds like so much fun. One of these day's i'll get Tommy's behind into these events. Go Riley!!

    1. As we both know...all happens on their schedule...not ours. :D