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Monday, 11 March 2013

I'm going on a Sleepover...

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I am going on an overnight shopping extravaganza with a girlfriend to the States. We are staying at a *cough* casino resort but only because it is right beside the Outlet Mall. :)

Now I dare not mention the actual name of the hotel as it is one of Riley’s favourites. I broke the news to him afterschool today. The conversation went like this:

Me:       Tomorrow I am going away for one night.
R:         (sad voice)  You will be gone.
Me:       I am going shopping with H.
R:         Where you are going?  (No that is not a typo…remember this is Riley World.)
Me:       I am going to insert any city in America here.
R:         (sad voice)  You will be gone. You are not coming back.
Me:       I will be gone for 1 night. Then I will come home on Wednesday.
R:         (slightly happier voice)  Will you call me?  (Translation: Will you buy me McDonald’s.)
Me:       Sure. I can call you.
R:         (relieved voice)  You will call me.

Later at dinner:

R:         You will call me on your way home.
Me:       Sure. I will call you. Or…do you want me to surprise you?  (Translation: No call required.)
R:         (excited voice)  OK. You can surprise me.
Me:       OK. I will surprise you.
R:         You can call me on your way home and surprise me.

Yea…I know.  $4.35 is all it takes for things to be right in Riley World. Unfortunately for G, he will probably have to hear about it 435 times over the next 24 hours. Oh well. 

And THAT my friends is how we roll in Riley World!  See you in a couple of days.  


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Robbie! I did. It's OK to have a nap the day after you get home right???

  2. Have fun! I hope you win enough money to "buy the shoes!"

    1. winnings but I still shopped. :)

  3. HA!! So cute! I feel for G though. T talks about California about 15 times an hour. We're not going for another 6 months hahaaa

    Have fun! :)

    1. 6 MORE MONTHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's the double-edged sword about telling them early isn't it. The "incentive" vs "obsessive". Haahaa!

  4. I love that conversation! Have fun on your sleepover :)

    1. I called AND surprised him on my way home! Our conversations are always ummmm entertaining alright. :D